Fiery Scores

elders who has done business with these people?? are they eligible??


the tickets are sold at 100 dollars before and 250 dollars after, total 350 dollars… mimi peasant staki kupoteza 10k tu ivo

Scam. You think people who engage in match fixing go around advertising their services?

:D:D:D Someone want to be schooled. Anyway there are a lot of charlatans online using dubious means to swindle money from people. These charlatans are always on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram offering fixed matches for a cheap price. They operate by sending unsolicited messages to random people and screenshots of already won tickets and wait for people to fall for it. Jaribu tu na utaoshwa kwa Muosho moja tu…AVOIIIID

if they were legit, they would not ask for your input, they would bet with their own money…

meanwhile pale ofisi ya sport mbesha…

Asande sana pwana

run for your money!

If they were fixed matches why wouldn’t they bet with their kidney instead of selling odds?

A fool and his money…

Just thought i should tell you… Mm nililipa 9500 ksh na nikaoshwa hivyo…fiery scores is big scam…please usitume kitu… Kwanza huyo mjinga anakubali western union only… Because once pesa imeenda haiezi rudi…ebu mwambie PayPal uone akikaataaa

Fiery scores is more than a scam…2 yrs back alininesha sijui uchawi

Sa mbona umeeka thread under sex & relationships. Ghasia taka taka mbwa. Firwa nyuma

NV mcoondu keti huko ii thread ni exclusively for elders

Heh! polee