@FieldMarshal CouchP

@FieldMarshal CouchP

Kama kenya yasonga mbele and economic growth is seen and felt mbona hawa majamaa wanajinyonga…how about you even take a time and say the reality for once

Instead of talking of 2022 and Ruto how about now whats happening now .especially around you

Watu wanjinyonga simply because of Uhurueconomics…hamna pesa/auctions every8

Nimesema na nitasema; ukitaka ku-engage na mtu kama mimi, kuja na irrefutable data not mogoka base talk. Tell me how a researcher/psychologist from UoN has done a study and showed that suicides have risen in Central. Show me graphs and charts that illustrate the same as you give data from previous years and the current situation.

Otherwise, chukua hiyo gazeti, ingia kwa choo na upanguze mcoondu nayo…

Where is all that data for the sh. it you always spew here?

muzee mujinga utakunywa WHItekaps ngapi leo? Tuma paybill chieth

Things are falling apart. You cannot block the anus to cure diarrhoea.

Aki wacha kuni-tempt…although I have to warn you my ass is sealed. Angalia inbox…

The lady and the ‘newspaper’ just took this story and run away with it.


So @FieldMarshal CouchP you want to say that its not happening? Or is the BBC also wrong coz they have no “facts” like you do?

Very sad documentary. I love my people dearly ad this broke my heart. Thanks for sharing.

Having said that I regret to say that you may not be very sharp. Nowhere HAVE I SAID THAT SUICIDES ARE NOT HAPPENING IN CENTRAL KENYA. THEY ARE. They have always occurred.

What I have said is that there is no empirical evidence to show that there is an INCREASE in the RATE of suicides. If you had done some epidemiology you would know that there are several factors that can create the illusion of increase of an ‘epidemic’ when in actual fact that is not the case. Factors like better reportage. Rise in population numbers. Improved logistics and communication. ETC ETC.

Without a definitive study, how would we know? Get if from the BBC? PULIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

I like how we are quick to believe juicy and sensational stories from gutter publications like the ‘Mt Kenya Star’!

the stories are embraced when they affect those people.

If you want to be a feted writer, come up with some crap eti watu wa sentro wanaisha, along the lines ya alcoholism, no children, suicides, that kind of shit.

Elections zikifika Kiambu itoe 1.5m votes una-scream, “WEZI!”…

Nî ma fiû! That has been a ploy all along to show how the Cendro people are becoming extinct. Why has these reports never appeared on Ktn or NTV or Kbc? Why only a foreign media house?

Guka has just told you. There is an agenda… You sir belong to the same group with me as per Guka’s classification. Not the sharpest brains around here :D:D

I hope it is not meant to be an insult!

you didn’t have to go prove it:D:D:D:D:D:D

No. It’s a compliment. The only way I know how…

He he he he, you guy my guy! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

@ladyp , nyako, kazi ni ku-like tu comments zangu na ulininyima zile burungo nzito-nzito, aki mamie?