Fieldmacho is right! Time to stop breeding like monkeys!

So, i am minding my own business as usual then i come across this advert by uriithi advertising some prime plots. Same shit again on different piece of earth. A very fertile piece of land being subdivided into 50x100 for the so called gated community. Talk of living dangerously, no one wants to do farming nowadays. Full grown adults are discussing just politics. Ask them to plant a tree in their compound, they can’t even have that space. Maybe a fake plastic palm tree on one corner of his concreted plot.
What’s the work of planning authority, local authorities and so called environmental bodies? We are producing less for consumption and then back to fucking like rats.

Anyway, back to the advert:
Ruiru Ridges
The land you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow, maybe the same land someone looked at yesterday and will buy today.
Prestigious Lifestyle and comfort awaits you along Githunguri-Ng’enda road. Urithi housing is offering you an opportunity in a gated community within the secure suburbs of Ruiru.
Daily site viewing.
50x100 price 2.25m
Instant financing option available by raising 1/3
call us now on 0734899855 or 0720846020


Just get one or two plots if you can

One day we will have to explain it to our grandchildren why they are food insecure.

And to think of all the land lying waste inside a 200 km radius of Nairobi which with the right infrastructure would be enough to accommodate all Nairobians just goes to show how Thick we as Africans are.

Why irreversibly condemn such productive land into sijui 50 by 100 when the Government could legislate against such moves and instead invest in roads heading to the semi arid regions surrounding Nairobi?
Once former Central Province land is gone, it’s GONE!

And then you drive past Murang’a,past Kitengela etc and theres hectares of idle land !

But excuse my ignorance! I forgot all about the tribal and ethnicity issues that come with a weak government that is in itself involved in the profiteering and manipulative tactics that ensures that land near Nairobi is “maguta maguta”…
You would think that with the new Constitution, Nairobi would no longer attract a job seeking immigration as centralised governance slowly declined.
Lakini wapi?
Nairobi is where it’s all happening so everyone in Kenya still aspires to be there and so it has to keep growing uncontrollably.

But that’s the way it is!

Waahh usiseme hiyo ya kwanza inakuwa subdivided

I said once in a reply to couch p this is all hogwash, when demand for food exceeds supply, trust me it will be grown in the semi arid areas and shipped to areas where there’s a demand and the price is right.
At the moment Kenyans are complacent since there’s no pressure.
A time will come vegetables are grown in Marsabit for consumption in Nairobi.

Not just central, Was in kakamega and the story is the same… most land that was used to either farm sugarcane or maize is also gone…subdivided into tiny pieces for “development”…am talking about the interior, places which colonialists had marked as “reserves”

Watu itabidi wakule GMOs mpaka washangae juu by 2022 all fertile and agriculture viable land will have been subdivided.

Am told hata Kales zao walianza kukata kata @Tarantinoh hebu confirm.

Karoney already has warned people waache kukata machaba

Very sad news my fren. Tutaanza kupanda food ndani ya magorofa using UV light kama wachinku

Israeli’s are exporting their desert utilization for food production to you lazy Africans.

Nairobi should stop issuing any building permits pronto, till a time issue to do with planning are sorted out.

True subdivision is ongoing in two or three generations kiambu and kisii counties sized farms shall be all over the country.

This is the way of the future.Does this look like Kiambu or Kakamega?

We have become a country that buys all its food. Hata onions hutoka tz. Kenya is a nation that can’t feed its citizens.