Fickle Women

Nimecheki jamaa na dem wake and 100 % vile dem tumeongea kidogo tu nishajua nitamdinya.

Happening everywhere everyday.

Some years ago kwa zile shop huuza vitu 1K pale ivo mountain mall Thika road nilichapa story na madam flani whose nigga was fitting clothes kwa change room and I left her with my card.

Nilindinya yeye properly several days later.


Over the years ive always known that no woman is 100% loyal. But one thing ill never bring myself to be at peace with is knowing well that some man humped this coochie few hours ago, then going ahead to chew it. I will never take praise in it thats why i abhor women who are hitched yet loose. Id rather look for a classy lady who for the benefit of doubt will take her out dine make merry have her take a bath immersed in deep waters then hit the coouchie. Atleast i will have shaken off that thought. Maybe i dont know its just me.

nashuku dem wangu pia, but kidogo tu

man these bitches, nimemshika rasa na badala ya kuzusha anasema sii saa hii

nimedinyiwa dem juzi tu but nilimwacha not juu ya kudinywa, i realized nilimwacha juu ya uongo kila saa. but am willing to start with her again

at the end of the day the sex is great and that’s all I care about with her but hii ya leo. damn. damn! na nikuongea tu tumeongea saa nikimkula. kitu mi hucheka nikimshow niko na dem atajam yet yee ako na chali. aki women

Izah mahn.kudinyiwa si fiti.

imagine,the ninja sucked and nibbled on your gals nipples,nipples were so hard just pulsating and hard fingered her Pusey properly ,till she was so wet only for him to slide into your gals pussy .but before that his cock had stiffened, and he throat-fucked her for a several minutes

he kept pounding it, pounding it but before he deposited his cum inside her,he inserts his finger into her anus while on that doggy and she enjoyed every second of it.

she’s a piece of shit but namchukua back tu

Umelewa boss enda home

hata bibi ya @PHARMACY alitombwa na wako pamoja bado

So upewe zawadi ama?

@poyoloko naomba nikunyonye mcoondu

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Twist the knife no more.

chief ulisemaje ile Jameson


It’s just you. Kwani you think when a lady immerses herself deep in a bathtub the water enters the fallopian tubes to wash away the sperms?Kwani ulisomea Med wapi. Sex is a very intimately dirty act. That’s why you should block your mind from anything pushing you into thinking someone nutted there before you. Because there actually is someone who has nutted there before you. Vaa protection, kula, nut na utembeze.

Hehe agwas nimeshika pabaya ama? Deepwater insunates she washed her skin clean avoids one to come into contact with her previous acquintance’s effluent. Tuwache maneno ya med tunaongelea relationships

Hahaha daktari life is never that serious. Nime ulissa tu kwa uzuri nothing personal. Will choose words more carefully next time. Sina ubaya kabsaa