Fibre optic installation contractors

Are there any fibre optic contractors?

How big is this field?


Zuku has technicians that they refer you to to come connect your house.
The other level of contractor is wasee kama
Entreprise Generale Malta Forrest Kenya or Huawei, hawa huwa contracted na ISPs to lay the fibre network, hawa ndio utakuta kwa posts au wakichimba mitaro

There are many private installers I have worked with.

Kindly exposed on what you require.
With regards to this field, there are many “contractors” but their level of expertise is what matter.
There are guys who just pull fiber cables, other terminate and test them, others blow them in micro ducts, other design the PON and others who just do all that i have mentioned and still we are not done with the rest of the crew.

Thanks dude,
I was asking coz I am considering the viability in the industry

Was actually considering relocating to . Ke
That would be a welcome field to jump in to

Its very much viable. If you are confident in your skills then you are good to go. The only thing you will need is connection in order to clinch contracts from the like of KPLC, Safaricom, ADC, Liquid Telecom etc. You could also provide fttx design services for estates, building etc. Anything is possible provide you are " technical equipped"

Thanks dude, I have myself to purchase some that equipment and its really dear, just didn’t want to purchase it and have it rot of no use

Still you could hire out or lease your equipment for a fee. The returns are still. The equipment you may require are probably a fusion splicer, OTDR, Power Meter(With Both Rx and Tx). A rough estimate for all is about to 1.2 million. But the most important item is the fusion splicer. Its the money maker

Very nice info, thanks bro…What are the rates of leasing a splicer?

[COLOR=rgb(124, 112, 107)]i am a technician currently working with Safaricom if you need anything or questions call me on 0705810441

Thanks guys for the insight
I will sure be contacting you once am on that side of the ditch

Well Splicing a single core costs around
It varies. Anything from 10k to 50k depending on the lease period or terms and conditions of the agreement

Thanks bro.

Hii [Size=4]fusion splicing[/Size] nilidhani ni kitu waaagwaan! Eish!

Kumbe ni kusikanisa tu cable?
Yawa! Sawa.

Wapi happy wanafanya na 10k I can do that at 300

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