few things about Maku

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On a Sunday morning and your mind is occupied with this not God and Church.

I will remember you in my prayers.

i think this is good biological science…not lasciviousness…

cc Purr 28 a.k.a @Liberty

There’s an excuse - sex is God-given.

Aki ya nani, una ufala kweli!

Avoid Ktalk altogether on Sunday, Master Prude. Now look at the ‘sinful’ baggage you’ll be lugging into the temple today!!


chieth who made sunday the official worship day?
@mayekeke hatusumbuangi friday tukiweka Kienyeji za Instagram

everyday is a worship day

labda yeye ni wa sda


Sielewi how a devout avoider of ‘sin’ decides to visit the S&R section of Ktalk prior to going to church, then complains…:rolleyes:

It must be easy for your prayers to get to heaven from that high horse you’re riding on.

Health promotion is good. We need one for the male reproductive system.

It is only by knowing about our bodies that we make decisions about them.

You could have put it to the attention of pink handles, good for their vaginal hygiene.