Fetish for nuns

Am I alone? I find nuns with a Vail a complete turn on for me. Whenever I go to church and get served the holy communion by a nun, I always get an instant hard-on till nowadays I have to wear long coats(Supreme coat) while attending mass.[ATTACH=full]308337[/ATTACH]

Umefii post

i find gyals in hijabs/modestly clad extremely sexy



Our girls are sweet, decent


Decrease the amount of scripted porn you are consuming. Next utaanza maids na ivo ndo ulikula mboch

Huyu mukorino ameiva. Ni dry fry certified.

Pesh anakuwanga amevai kaa sirry

Repent chief. The evil one is tempting you.

Nuns are rotten completely… you will drown to Oblivion


bro you have eben watching too much porn… Just go to SJ when corona finishes and stop watching that shit, it does no benefit for you as a man


I like sodomizing them.

This is blasphemy



Nyonga pole pole.


Hadi kwa Mkia Bila Prayers(HKMBP)

It seems your sins need to be cleansed
You are in need of this
Lesb nuns are hawt
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