Ferry update

i never thought this could happen while exiting ferry. was once driving from ukunda to check out the nightlife in the north coast, tipsy abit and i must say that boarding a ferry from that end esp when you know you’ve taken an extra shot is not very ok…steep as it can be…thus you got to roll the wheels as if you plunging into the waters…then offf…so as to approach the ramp without damaging the fronts.

I left a manual vehicle at home around March. It was blocking some guy who had not used his Prado for a few months. So mimi nikapark nyuma yake na nikaenda upcountry. Drama started when he came for the vehicle and the security guard who was a lady came to my house asking my wife to move the car. Wife hajui kudrive so azalea Jamaa funguo aendeshe. Kumbe the Prado owner has no idea how to engage a manual gear…weeeeeh ilibidi wife aingie aanze kuambia Jamaa kanyaga clutch weka reverse… Balance…vitu alikua amefundishwa na Bro tukiwa ocha Xmas last year. Finally they pushed the vehicle at free gear

My wife akipeana hii stori anakufanga na kicheko


hehehe most guyz nowadays learn how to drive using automatic vehicles. Lucky me I learnt behind the wheel of a manual Peugeot 504


we’re all going to hell and I’m driving…I think is the case

manual cars are the way to go. auto is too lazy.
truth be told, hizi self-driving cars, siwessnunua. where’s the fun in that??

But you want to whatsapp and take selfies enroute buana!:slight_smile:


Mtihani mgumu kweli!


@Chloe hapa kisungu haikukupiga chenga. Imekutoka ki Usain Bolt.

@jumabekavu hapa kuja usaidie hii osungu.dll


hehehehe today’s generation

Same scenario. Wife double parked and went into a meeting. The ninja who was blocked called for the keys na akapewa. Turns out he has no idea how to drive a stick shift so he sends the keys back for the owner to recover her own car. I think wife alitoka hapo aki tembea kama Vince Mc Mahon.


Dadangu hapo hakuna cha consipiratol, constipation, constitution wala nyanyake conspiracy. Hapo mtu KAROGWA!! fulistopu!. Waskia alikuwa akifanya kazi Port. Huko watu kurogana ni kama kina Tommy Lee na kubeti.


What fun is in driving? Kwani wewe ni dereva wa taxi kama @junkie

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Wewe @Meria Mata ni dereva wa kimataifa! You know quite well that, Hata kama ni uchawi, a vehicle will never engage the reverse gear when it is in forward motion! And if it does it won’t move again, whether forward or backward, on its own! It will be such a spectacular disintegration of shafts, nuts and bolts!

watu wa premio na mabelta ndio huongea hivi.


The car has been recovered by our navy boys, its at berth 4, KPA

naomba mbisha please

Niko bilaz, hakuna mtu ako na photos for now ispokuwa the divers. It was recovered around 1300hrs. But nitaweka asap zikiingia kwa simu yangu

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