Ferry update

reports indicate that the probox that plunged into the ocean last evening in Likoni ferry had 4 occupants, they all drowned.
Eti driver Aliweka reverse gear and rolled back into the drink after exiting ferry.
@jumabekavu What happens next?


That is so sad. Mtu ataweka vipi reverse gear akiwa ametoka kwa ferry, vile hiyo mlima huwa steep? alafu mnasema hakuna uchawi.

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He must have been an inexperienced driver. An automatic car makes those beeping sounds when you put it in reverse and it also vibrates differently.

He works in kpa and lives in mtongwe so apparently he was not new to the closing, ndio nauliza @jumabekavu Kafara ni lini ilihili jambo lisitokee tena


Whenever a vehicle goes in the water a sort of ceremony takes place.

He works in KPA?. watu wa KPA wanapenda kurogana sana. Kafara hapo ni pachinjwe kuku watatu wenye visigno viwili kila mmoja.


Ata kama ni wewe hatutakubali hii. I had seen it yesterday but lengad.
It’s crossing.


very strange indeed

Nani atawachinja hawa kuku? Na je, kuku wenyewe watapatikana wapi?

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Eti aliweka reverse gear after exiting the ferry??? Who else finds this conspiratal. If he had already exited the ferry that means he was engaged to a forward gear and once you exit you always accelerate to you best in order to climb that steep hill.

Does it mean that he exchanged the gears emmediately after exiting the ferry and if so he probably would have rolled back to the ferry unless the ferry was quick enough to return it’s it disembarking ramp.


ama it was a manual car and he was inexperienced? si after exiting it is a minor climb, even some experienced drivers still end up going backwards on a manual car kwa mlima because of failing to balance the clutch. My two cents

Ama he was changing from D to D2

I have been thinking , maybe the car was at the furthest end of the ferry(at the back, so when the ramp at the front is lowered and the cars are exiting, the guy hurriedly put the car in reverse gear assuming ameweka drive, that way the car will go over the rear ramp and dive into the sea. #hayanimapepo

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Last time a truck fell in the ocean at Nyali bridge kulichinjwa ngombe kumi na mbili

This reminds me of when Bus ya Tawfiq and TSS ziligongana Malindi, Sabaki bridge, divers walikuja kuzitafta to no avail, mpaka Waarabu vile walikam wakamwaga some crystal like grains ndio wakasema sa itapatikana. Then wakatoa kafara later on kwa hiyo spot.

word in office is he lost a brother in mtongwe ferry i would not like to read much into it though

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damn bana that is too much

labda aliona gari zikisonga and then thought he was moving in the wring direction and engaged reverse gear to correct that

Utakapowapata hilo si tatizo la mganga, huo ni mtihani wako. Ukishawapata wa kuchinja utamjua