Ferry disaster na kijiji iko silent

ata mimi am out
video ziko MMNN


gear ya probox iko aje kwani?
this is the second incident nasikia jamaa aliweka reverse accidentally akaingia kwa ocean

kenya ferry collects millions daily from motorists but has no proper rescue department. kama kuna mtu ashai kuwa rescued likoni ni volunteers walijitolea.

Joel Masindano (r.i.p) went the same way with a probox

Wapi ile picha ya kibaki akiambia ghasia ikwende huko na habari nusu nusu?

No driver who knows he’s at the back can lift the handbrake and engage reverse.

Wewe ndio uko @Deep sea Leta details

ferry on death bed like hii kijiji
we used to get breaking news na pics here, saa hii ni meffi tu

ilikua sadaka,
are you satisfied, jinger ghaseer kombamwiko, Thishwo!

peasant unasumbua

Wengine Wana Sema ni Toyota ISIS ???

If those occupants were discovery channel fans wangesurvive… Basic knowledge how to open a car’s door in water

Meria niaje

How deep is that place kwani…?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D its the fucking indian ocean dummy

Very, because large ships pass through the Likoni channel on the way to Kilindini harbour

Uko na kuma kweli?



You are a FOOL repeat after me FOOL ghasia takataka

A million ways to die. You either decide to stay afloat a little longer hoping you will be rescued or break the window fast and moved out as water pours in if at all you can swim.
What happens is that you confuse the vibrations you feel to be that of your engine, you release handbrake press brakes and change gear. Immediately the car start rolling downhill, your first reaction is press brakes as hard as you can but it can’t work since the engine is not working. An experienced driver would hand brake very fast. If it happens to you the first time in place where it is not so dangerous you learn your lesson. If it has never happened to you please do a drill so that when it happens in future you know what to do.

Will it’s name be changed too?