Ferkin womens

Recall the thread I posted about some muslim girl having a crush on me or some interest and something of the sort…
Ana desire company yangu sana yani hadi I mistook that ako rada yangu eti amejipa :smiley:
Well today i take back my words and call that nonsense.
I know am petty but …
Never again shall I ever hint back in return. I feel like such a fool banae, . Took a strode to where she stays and she bluntly told me that she won’t come out… I persuaded her for a minute and she kept asking for a chicken… Hio haijaniudhi, kitu imenikatsia ni hio audacity yake.

Help me god, I will take forever to find the woman for me. Sionyeshi desire tena mimi nishakufa moyo.

She knows you’re a bottom faggot

I’m sure utaanza kusema vile MGTOW=Freedom kumbe ni kukataliwa ulikataliwa

:D:D:D:D:DTagline below the username checks out

But of course MGTOW = freedom… Sasa ananikataa na she is the one that started all, na the moment i show interest anaanza ushenzi banae.

When are you ever successful in love banae…ulilengwa na yule wa Rwanda and now this?

However, I will always help you. Hapa ndio ulifanya ufala: Showing interest!

Nowadays we are the prize. Peana hint kidogo ya interest then completely become disinterested.

alpha mail nmefika.

Keep us posted

Wachana na hints za interests…line up like 3 more ladies,then patana na huyo unasema,akikataa go to the next,then next until the fourth one.

Whether they show interest or not,let it never take any space in your head.

Shakala usichokeeeee pia our great great grandfather Abraham aligojea miaka 105 kabla kuwa baba wa all nations.

Kufa kabisa… meanwhile

Hata snapshot ya buibui hakuna?

:D:D:D @SledgeHammer amekua hammered proper!

When a lady throws interest at you, she expects a certain reaction, deny her this. Don’t show interest. Show other women interest. A lady who showed me interest for a time nikalenga. One time we met at a mutual friend’s bash. Tired of the interest and her attempts to show other gals to keep off, I drunk silly and dropped on the next available bed. She came and sneaked in beside me locking the room. Tukidoz kama mabeste despite hints za a stray hand in me etc. Next morning she was mad, 'Kwani what kind of guy are you? If ai don’t fit your bill who does?" Three bashes later with her not talking to me I found her standing alone at a corner bored shit looking at me grinding it on bitches. Then I sneaked behind her as guys were drunk, dancing and shouting to care, grabbed her waist and planted a kiss, she tried to push me away but I held on tight. "You wanna know the kind of guy I am and what fits my bill? She don’t let me finish, her fingers were on my nipples her other hand stroking abdalla


Bado Huwa mwaenda bash za kulala huko?


Young man, you need to understand that 99% of women are attention-seeking maniacs. That she seeks and enjoys your attention should not be misconstrued for her desiring/loving you.

Too much work for poosy

Huyo dame lazima alikuwa na kasoro fulani. Dame hot na sio wa kuoa hakuna mwanaume anaweza waste time na such shenanigans juu ya shot moja tu