Ferk!!!! some local webhosts ni meff

Anyone knows what has happened to these guys, LENASI - Cloud hosting little ferkers?? Their servers have been down for the last couple of days and these little ferkers are not picking calls or responding to messages
I registered my 2 biashara sites with them hazifunguki and they have literally gone quiet and I rely a lot on the sites for clients na sasa zimemalysia without a trace!
Sijui nianzie wapi?
Was thinking of migrating my sites to another host but then how do I recover my domains without transfer keys??

Tumia Kenya Website Experts. Mimi niliacha kudeal na watu hawana ofisi tangu nikigongwe smart. Kama uko na comp ya maana ya can do your own hosting

Watu huhost sites zao na local webhosts sijui wao hutumia nini kufikiria, na sijakutusi. What advantage do they offer over established international webhosts?

Use pornhub.com

They’re very reliable and I’m a satisfied customer

:D:D:D:D eih!!


I Love their vintage collection.
When porn had a storyline and an actual plot…sigh

Pole Kassin.
Visit their physical address.

Shait!!! thanks for the pointer ma dear, though sidhani my clients will continue kupanda mbegu nikiwapeleka pornhub

Titties wacha kuderail thread!! I am looking for help so that I can migrate my sites then mnanipeleka sijui wapi

Thanks Kassin, will do that on Monday

Just use established international web hosts

:smiley: pole.

Sasa hujamjibu ata…nkt!
How does he recover his domains without the transfer keys?

Question is how can he rescue his domains?

Thanks guys for getting the message across. I have learnt my lesson and I just want to get my domains and move on

me want a threesum

Afisaa, afisaa, afisaa, wacha wanaa, ama utalimwa saba na alshabaa…x2
Umesikia afisax2 ukileta wana utapata saba kutoka kwa shabaa… wenye shabaha

If the domain are .co.ke you can bypass and go directly to kenic and report. You have to prove ownership though.

If the domain are .co.ke you can go direct to kenic and report. You have to prove ownership though. For. com the route is much longer

They are .com sites. And I get most of the bookings online, pondering on what to do. Do not want to lose the brands and credibility as it has been a long journey of building the brands and cultivating trust.
Yenyewe cheap is expensive. More than 2 years of work is at risk