Ferdinand Omondi On jsks Nyanza Visit

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I don’t see the moral sense in having a victory lap in Nyanza when there are ethnic tensions in the same area, neighbours are killing each other and police joining in the killing in Sondu.

I also don’t see the moral sense in organising parallel rallies in Nyanza at the same time the president is visiting, when the tensions are already high, and the rhetoric is confrontational.

In 1969 at the height of tensions between Oginga Odinga and Jomo Kenyatta, more than 50 people were killed in the Kisumu massacre when similar tensions boiled over at a public event, and the presidential guard and police opened fire on civilians. The circumstances were not dissimilar to the scenario developing this weekend.

The opposition can quote freedom of association, the presidency can quote development. Both can claim to be serving the people but in this grandstanding, God forbid, both are setting the same people up to die.

Just look at the timeline and the shameless profiling.

President William Ruto and Raila Odinga know the right thing to do. Are political points more important that human life?


Ruto achapwe na mawe moto akome jaluo. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Elder wakirusha mawe si watakula copper kama 1969

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Uhuru alirushiwa akala.