ferdinad waititu - Ruto promised that all cases will be dropped if we support him


I thought Jambasi said the judiciary is independent… alot of meddling is going on.

Waitytu alighula peke yake. Ndio shida

:D:D @Berlin Oxford kuja explain… you mofos are running a banana republic… god save us all

What logic is Waititu using?

Kila mtu abebe mzigo yake. Why can’t he bribe the judges?

Cases for the Kalenjins were dropped, Okuyu apambane na hali yake. Kimunya case was taken back to court, and the like of Murathe had a case opened against them.
Kweli Okuyu ! ! !

Na bado.

:D:D:Dwe really hold the judiciary in high esteem

Arudishe pesa zetu za County shetani mshenzi!! alaf the fact that he has 2 wives shows how stupid he is. The patients at our level 5 hospitals are really struggling…

Lakini okuyu minions ni ku-attack muthamaki every day…

And what is wrong with a sane human male having two wives?


Yaani after kusumbuliwa io miaka yote!

Glad that he’s facing the law… Lakini huyu jamaa ni mjinga sana issuing such reckless statements. Kila mtu atamwondokea

He stole over 500M ,msamaha aombe kwa Sir God.

Yeah. Ata ndio nashangaa… Nobody will want to touch him even with a foot long pole knowing that even Nabii wants nothing to do with him…

I sense buyer’s remose… Anyways, it will take time to heal :D:D:D


Everything…sababu ya vile mi huona mtu akikufa…debacle upon debacle. BTW we are just about to get entertained by the spectacle that is Muigai wa Njoroge and his 2 wives.
The generation that could ‘operate’ polygamy is looooong gone.

Hatakula hio 500m in peace. God Himself has refused. Na huyu mwenye hii tatoo pia mjinga kupindukia.

Ata Ferdinand Amechezwa…??? :D:D

Sadly …
There is no more room in AZIMIO for him …

images (2).jpeg

Maybe he can get together with Kabogo , Sonko and a few others and ask Uhuru if he can “lend them” TNA to use for some political shelter … ???