FEP... Is it worth the risk?

i have been told about this investment company by some close people and on following up on how the business model is run… it came out looking like a pyramid scheme. business never makes any profit but its always recruiting new members in kenya and abroad… always having deadlines for final registration so as to create a mad rush and to make it look like one is missing out…them they extend deadline again since 2014… i made one PANdakwe a billionaire…i don’t want to make someone else a billionaire at my expense… am i being too cautious in this our nairobi where even relaz con you for a living?o_Oo_O

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i also heard about it from a friend but didnt like. the deadline was some years back and they were told that by 2018 every member will be a millionaire, every time i hear they are building 5 star hotels but no income to date. they boast of how they have have big companies together and even mwangi wa equity wanted many shares but they refused coz their aim was to help the poor man

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niccur apply what’s said in the chorus of this snoop song



i was told the same plus they have a credit bank… on paper its but on the ground its not adding up. there is a deadline every 6 months since 2014 and its made to seem like heaven’s gates are being closed… instead of being millionaires, they are losing value on their alleged shares in billions…only the guys very up there are benefitting… i went there and looked at how mits being done and things didn’t add up. you cant quit but can only sell shares to someone else whom you can get…how does Njoroge allow this to continue?

gugu “FEP investment” and see what comes up. i dont have the specific link. how guys in the diaspora have fallen for this sijui and the way they are exposed…




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pitia hapa, then run

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Had been interested in the project last year. Dug around and found it’s just another shell company with nothing to show for it.

Just why do Kenyans have this irreversible affinity for free things or get rich quick schemes?

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Thanks alot @incognitus. As i was reading, i saw this>>>> the board which contains very reputable and honorable individuals in the Kenyan society… I remembered their list of board members… when i compare to the way FEP is being run,i wonder if those individuals know that their names are on that list and approve being associated with FEP. Going by that link,it seems the diasporans woke up two years ago yet some are still sending money up to now to beat the ‘deadlines’… i wonder what the CBK guv has to say about this guys. i wont do any more homework on them. this is enough proof.

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Wa! the truth is out there…

Umeekelea gani?

acheni kukojolea thread meffi…utoto mtoe hapa