Feminists wako na upuzi sana. These Germans were going to be world's newest billionaires


Not sure whether these bros were serious or trolling :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nowadays almost anything triggers western feminazis and twitter morons.

Those are not your bros

A friend once wanted to invest in a Nordic-based company that makes the monthly cup before they launched in the USA. He made a mistake to mention it to a colleague during lunch break, her response was its only women who should own shares in such companies… things will be thick going forward.

The stupidity of these people is immense.

The feminism in the western countries will finally make them to collapse

Eventually they’ll reset back to partriachy, that’s the natural order of things. Russia went through the same during the fall of USSR. Partriachy returns when things get tough and the feminists can’t handle. This will probably break other states like Texas from the USA.