Feminist Nonsense


men who play ms monopoly nikama @Kimakia after playing wana…[ATTACH=full]259397[/ATTACH]

Families and weak boyfriends will be forced to play this version, but no normal people want a loaded game. What’s the point of playing if the deck is loaded or the pitch tilted?

Any woman ‘winning’ this would be swallowing a placebo.

Hii ndio shida ya kuwa na mafeminazi kwa board, same way Gillette sales zilianguka baada ya ufeminazi

Female feminists are just sexist while male feminists just want to get laid.

??? Is this an attempt at wit?

no just stating reality.

They will fail because they are attempting to change the nature of things

You guys need to give me another mantle,there is a real gay around,am scared of him too,tukiwa kijijini anaweza ni geuka,i want to be myself n myself alone

TF IS THIS NOW??? hii kinyesi ya gender imeenda too far now