So we are all aware we live in an androcentric androcracy that is also capitalist,racist,misogynist and fascist. Due to this opressive systems we need activists and social justice warriors and movements like feminism and others like black lives matter. Many people in life choose to turn a blind eye to injustice or oppression because they feel powerless and even overwhelmed by the injustice in society. They also dont want to be labeled angry and bitter but what else is an opressed and abused person supposed to feel if not outrage ? This is just another trick to keep opressed people in check, abuse them then tell them not to be angry . Those are the black people who say theres no racism but get treated like thieves in stores purely because they have African skin. Those are the women who say theres no sexism but see how society mistreats women .

If I was a man Id probably be fighting feminism because it threatens my priviledge. MALE PRIVILEDGE. Same way whites fight equality with blacks because they will not give out their white priviledge. When you look at racism and sexism , you will understand sexism very well. In our andocentric racist society, we have what is called internalised misogyny and internalised racism. There is no better way to dominate a group than to have them internalise feelings of helplessness and inferiority. People of color hate themselves, they hate their hair , they hate their skin, they hate their own and they love white hair, white skin, white languages, they defer to whites in every arena of life. The same can be said of women. For majority its so epigenetic and unconscious they dont even realise that theyre sexist or racist. Its second nature. There are so many logically wrong stereotypes and propaganda that both men and women ,whites and blacks take as the gospel truth. One is that women’s hormones are crazy during their menstrual periods. In endocrinology, during a woman’s period , progesterone is high and this is the hormone that is responsible for production of testastrone which men are full of. Understandably, that is why women have bad moods during their periods and men commit 99.99% of crimes and murders because they deal with that hormone plenty of it all the time. Yet women having small doses of it a few days a month has become a point of ridicule and demeaning women. This is the same strategy used by whites citing the brain size of Africans as smaller than other races. Which is not true because there’s no generic brainsize for all people in a particular race. However this was once accepted and taught as scientific truth for the duration of slavery and imperialism.

Now there are very many types or waves of feminism and some of the positions held are actually oppressive to women. For example those that support prostitution and abortion. Those that support sexual objectification and exploitation of women by brainwashing women to be promiscuous via cartoons ,media,adverts name it. One of the hugest freedoms a woman can have in this world is the option/choice and ability to not be involved in the world of sex at all. Being asexual, exempt from the opressive nature of sex towards women in a patriachal society that uses sex as a weapon against women - yes , this is why rape is huge in wars. This is because of the messed up schema of sexuality in human society where women are viewed as prey and men predators. Where women are viewed as sexual objects rather than sexual beings like men. Promiscuity and majority of sexual relations revolve around this schema and therefore any arm of feminism encouraging indiscriminate sex, encouraging casual sex is actually a tool of oppression against women by the patriarchy. Encouraging women to be sexually active outside of full legal commitment is harmful to the body of the woman, her psyche and spiritually. Telling women to carry condoms and use birth control with men they are not married to is cheapening the cost women pay for having sexual relations. Including increased risk of diseases some like HIV and HPV incurable , increased risk of being possesed by all kinds of demons that are in the men they sleep with, risk of destabilising and disrupting hormones normal function. Side effects of birth control pill which is a class one carcinorgen like asbestos. Why should a woman take all these risks for somebody who has no legal bond with her? Such feminists are only working for the partriachy to oppose women’s protection as a vulnerable group and their human dignity.

The other key issue is the issue of abortion on demand. The nexus of feminism like all other forms of activism is to protect the rights of opressed and vulnerable groups in society. The most vulnerable members of our society are the unborn. Now encouraging women to abort is a traversity of the principle of activism. We violate the right to life of an unborn child so that men can keep having unprotected sex with women and getting their full satisfaction at any cost including the lives of the unborn. No. This must stop. First of all if you as a woman are pregnant and unmarried legally, that one already shows you lost the power to chose along time back because no woman should be taking such huge risks for a man who has made zero legal commitment and financial investments in or for for her and possible offspring who may result as a result of their dalliance. So to my mind what feminism needs to focus on isnt about legalising prostitution and abortion and sex positive aka free sex culture but rather women’s rights. A woman’s right to be married to a stable partner before she can have sex and therefore risk pregnancy ,disease,depression,desertion, single motherhood , abandonment and so many other problems like being killed for asking for child support . These to me should be the agenda of feminism, to protect women from sexploitation in a misogynist and androcentric society by teaching women to value themselves, to be financially independent to avoid being exploited and also to say no to raw deals like sex outside marriage , sex and marriage with non provider males such that even married women are like single mothers because the men are not providing even within marriages. Which is very wrong and another way to opress and exploit women by leaving wives burdened financially by men who really are the ones children are named after who don’t or cant provide.

There are many issues but the few I have clarified on are big issues. Feminism must advocate the right to life for every unborn child, a legal commitment ,a secure home and financial base for every unborn child and woman engaging in sexual relations with any man. The abolition of any and all types of sex work because sex is not a commodity, female sexuality is sacrosanct ,women’s bodies are not commodities and therefore misuse of women’s bodies for adverts and music videos in a degrading manner should be illegal. Feminism must advocate for abstinence until and unless conditions are secure (legally and financially ) for a woman and the offspring who may come of any sexual involvement as no contraceptive is full proof 100% guaranteed. Let women take back their power to say no to anything not in their best interests especially when it involves their bodies and their wombs. Abortion is not in a woman’s best interest either it causes breast cancer, suicidal ideation, psychological problems and spoiling of reproductive organs and internal organs like large intestine and it can also lead to death and permanent infertility or life long health and mental problems. Its only patriarchy that can encourage abortion or prostitution ,not any movement purporting to care about women because at the end of the day the beneficiary is men who can get away without paying child support by killing of unborn babies and use and abuse women sexually actually pay to rape them under a guise of helping them feed their children.

The nature of a man and the nature of a woman; very different. The sacrifices that men make account for the privileges we all enjoy. As women clamor for privilege, they should open their eyes to the consequences. I will not mind to watch a feminist walk into a spear head in front of the men she brow beats, in fact I might even savor the moment. Also no equivocation: feminists are the champions of sexual freedom for women. Feminism is harmful to women.