Feminism in a Nutshell



Hao wamama wananikumbusha Kenyan corporate ladies… very dim low IQ sheboons


Pale twirra kuna vile wanaume waliamkia feminists the other day. Ile vita walipigwa made hii huwa mnamaliza nayo Kapondi ikae kama mchezo.


I think this lady got the worst beating hapo for attacking that Mbiti Mwondi chap





she is fat she looks like she eats both right and left-overs :green_emoji: hapo hakuna comeback


Martin Lawrence Boxing GIF
An uppercut from Hell


Muislamu pia ni feminist siku hizi?

Swali ni… Chimpanzees instead of competing with women on the Internet, ati munamaliza feminists, si you just be like junguuuu men who are doing big things.

Mtu ako na time na energy kushinda ukifuata mwanamke kwa internet kumtusi ni mtu wa aina gani? Ni mwanaume wa aina gani? You have to just be a desperado.

Anyway, chimpanzees in the zoo will always be chimpanzees. Carry on. While Elon Musk is taking feminists to space, wewe all you have to offer is pseudo masculinity by bullying women online. Poleni. Defeated masculinity can cause one to be bitter and catty.

In case you haven’t noticed, the tweep who made it is a junguuuu. You think the world of them, they think you are trash.

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But aren’t chimpanzees trash? Why do they keep flocking abroad to the extent that they end up homeless? What sense does it make to fukuza colonialists then few decades later you are killing each other to go live with junguus.

No wonder they think moslem women are feminists. Btw these men’s rights activists who of them is good looking and accomplished? It’s the rejects that are fighting an imaginary battle with feminists. If you can’t compete with your fellow men, you will fight women to prove your manhood. Unfortunately, it’s never enough it keeps them angry still. Being a zeta male is painful.

Yes, your father is trash.

They come here as well.

This sounds like the thinking of a 13 year old girl.

I am sure in your mind this is not directed at the junguuuu that made the comic but rather the poster. Just like in the comic, the dyke hates men just because she hates them. No reason in particular.

If I have to compete with another man t prove my manhood because a woman said so, I am the fool

All these labels you come up with are ferking you up. Heal, gwoman. Heal.

Have a great evening ahead.

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What am I healing from? The truth? Jibu Swali. Are there any good looking or accomplished men in the Men’s Rights circus? Weka picha if you know of one.

Yes. You must compete with men of other races otherwise you will be subjugated by them then take out your frustrations from failed masculinity and the inability to compete with equals. You can’t compete with other races.

Why were 13 million blacks applying for green card? Mass exodus. They also come here is something only a 13 yr can get away with.

Rubbish! We men do not look at each other and see looks. We just see other men. Maybe you should consult your gay friends about such.

If 13m Africans want to apply for a green card to go wherever they want to go, they have a right to do so.


They are going to junguu land bcz their own sucks.

And why are junguuuus coming here in droves then?

Hio position nipoa kupanua

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Raia imefanya feminazi aongeze extra weight juu ya stress eating.