Feminine Vs Male Speech!

Feminine Vs Male Speech!

In an era of online lies, whereby some men masquerade as women for various reasons, it might save us some time to know how feminine speech style differs from male speech style. While on online dating, “many men have communicated for hours on end with persons they thought were female and they even ended up sending them money, only to later on realize they were duped”, Anonymous. They say, men have reported style of speech; women have a rapport type of speech. “Mixed” gender persons over-emphasize feminine or male speech and style, and they end up being clumsy!

Characteristically Feminine Speech
Builds rapport
Is expressive
Offers support
Sounds tentative
Initiates and maintains conversation

Characteristically Masculine Speech
Reports facts
Is instrumental
Offers advice
Sounds certain
Controls conversation

Source: Communicating at Work, Adler R.B et al.


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