Feminazis strike again!

I don’t know what’s wrong with these women and their stupid feminism cult… kwanza this caro mutoko… ati she calls herself the Beijing (4th generation) daughter committed to spreading feminism everywhere… They’re even travelling to the interior to convince communities to abandon their cultures… she wants to mislead other women to be forever single and bitter (or become single mothers)… why are they so blind to the damage their cult has done to society

when giving the talk she was so convinced that Hillary would win the election, even telling the audience that from the 8th of November a new generation (5th generation) of feminism will be born… i’m sure she feels like killing herself (or Trump) now



Cc Mary Jane

Nkt. Even queens have husbands and other women presidents hata Shebesh na Ngilu. Pesa ndogo inachocha carol si akuje nimnyamazishe na ball kabla menopouse.

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I really hate the ugly bitch.

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She’s so full of herself, what was that about Tanzania and Maa…? This is like the female Miguna. I swear one room with this lady and you’ll catch a case.


Very condescending yet she refers to Oloitokitok as Loitoktok…very judgemental as well

Hii ni nitpicking. I’ve watched the clip and can’t see anything wrong with what she speaks. Sure they let just about organise have Tedx events but whatever.

Said the church going, hostpital circumcised father figure. You have oversimplified this.

I am no feminist, but come on! Men getting butthurt because of feminism. I am not a fan. Si muanzishe masculinism.

If any of those cultures include child marriage and FGM ,she has my full support. Men always exercise chauvinism. Why have a problem with feminism! And why is it that when certain truths are spoken by women (that seem to make some men uncomfortable),they are immediately branded feminists! It’s so predictable :).


boss, both towns exist


I don’t know of a loitoktok next to mount Kilimanjaro and TZ. Hio iko wapi?

Let the ladies be, but they should forever know their place

Kwani kuna category ya umeffi kwa Ted talks?

Cue the male righteous fury…


Where’s that?


At the end of the day IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. Coomer ikalishwe kwa kiti pare

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Walianza kitambo na huyu ndiye kiongozi wao:



Stop digging, just concede.


So should you.


The Maasai name for that area is Oloitokitok … If she is keen on telling people to refer to the language as Maa and not Maasai then at least she should refer to the place as Oloitokitok and not Loitoktok. I have been there by the way and lived with local community for about a month.

Fenisism kitu gani, bure kabisa. i know of a girl so bitter with his father, brothers and other men, wacha apate ball, mdomo alifunga salamu niza sare siku hizi.