Feminazi Watamaliza Watu


Shieet… that tweet doesnt look genuine… si aseme ni branch gani na akuje na reciept to prove that she was there…


Growing up, were you taught that women are to ne respected, or did their teach you to subjugate women, i mean did you witness a close male relative rape a woman ?

Yap. Doesn’t seem genuine plus who loudly gossips about someone while she is there?

Alafu si unaona how quick the company was to offer to take action?

You are no better than that female. Ghasia hii you are already too quick to come to a conclusion.

genetics programs men to want to see female parts otherwise reproduction would not work… putting down men for behaving like men is what is turning the west gaaay…

Wtf are you talking about… you can be that gullible the cancel culture going on right now has bitter biatches trying to clout chase.

How did she know it was her boobs he was talking about? Did the man point at them? And why is she so conscious of her boobs? I’m just visualizing a normal interaction at the cashier’s counter. The cashier, who would naturally be seated while the customer is standing, must occasionally look up to speak to her. Isn’t it possible she thought he was glancing up intentionally to check them out, even when that is just her imagination?

2021 and bonobos still take everything written in social media as fact :D:D

Where did I indicate that

Si ako na receipt, na imeandikwa jina ya cashier, si atoe

You are questioning him for asking her to provide evidence… you can’t say such shit and not expect to be questioned. With men like you who needs feminists.


Huyo Bliss Nanah deserves a bottle of her favourite drink, hard or soft, on me


Ni nini unasema Kahuni?

Bliss ako na roho ya utu