Is this just feminists having their way and creating a term to further their agenda or is it really a valid definition?

From the above it appears as if whenever a woman is killed it’s femicide.
What about men? Is homicide reserved for men only?

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They said Eric Maigo was a predator, and lover of prostitutes, and that the girl who killed him and walked away trying to hide the murder crime, was the victim. Sad

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I’m not being an asshole but it’s like women like to blow things out of proportion.
What happened to the ladies was extremely unconscionable but why not call it homicide. Femicide ni kama kusema they were targeted for their gender.
It could also be a man.
Why pull the gender card all over

Because folks out here want to feel like they special and ninjas are just a class below pets. Pretty sad actually

Androcide is the systematic killing of male humans, i.e. men or boys, because of their sex.

Hii pia niliona. But how come when men are killed androcide is not thrown all over the place? Hii watu lakini…

They call it, femicide to further their agenda.