Femi Uno 10

Getting better by the day …:grin::fire:

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dry fry… but she looks gheto af

The Girl is from Mwiki …
But still on my Bucket List … :grin::fire:


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She has been celibate for over 6 years …
Her “Assets” are in top condition …:grin::fire:

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The Girl is on top form …:grin::fire::bouquet:


The Office Lol GIF by NETFLIX


Siwezimind tujifunike na blanketi anyambe mayai kama na nyonga

It is known She had 1 failed relationship at the begining of her career that ended very badly [ the fellow is married ] …
Since then , Musician Nviiri Sande is whispered about but she has not been seen with him in public or private , leading to the conclusion that she is in celibate mode as she recovers from relationship drama …
She will be 29 years ol this year … :grin:

huyu ngunaa hanikaliangi kukuwa na female attributes. dem ameishi ghetto anakaa kukuwa na vako za ki umorio.

The Jury is still out on that matter …
If you have evidence , put it out there … :smiley: :smiley:


Moto …!!!
Chebet could win a Marathon with all that energy … !!! :smiley: :fire:

Don’t dare.

Tamu Kama Sunguch …:grin::revolving_hearts:


Isn’t this bitch a lesbian?

Do you have any proof …??? :grin:

all that vigour na ako na kitambi? :man_facepalming: