Femi One

Femi One …







Ako na sura Kama ya @Jimit

I thought she is a lesbian?

In the last pic, anakaa jamaa.

Anakaa Kama post ya Kenya power

Ukweli anakaa chali…hadi kipara… roto tank body loading.

Proof … ??

She should drop the make up. Dem wa ghetto na make up haziendanishi pamoja

Wah! Hapo enyewe siwezani. Akinipea, hata monkey hawezi toka kwa bush.

Below average pass…

umechanganya na femi gitu

The wall is undefeated. Femi used to be actually very hot when she was 22-24 hapo. She is turning 26 soon now alafu aanze kukaa nyanya yake

The mighty Wall is relentless and undefeated…cock carousel rider can’t be saved.

You Sure …??


Hail the almighty wall!

I wonder …
Is this Imaginary so-called “Wall” even a factor as you go about daily chasing discount P*ussy in the dark streets and dives in the CBD… ???
Lets get real …

Try Viagra …



I wonder …
Who is chewing her right now …??