Female Pedophile

A 15 year old boy is a Form 1? I have been on dates with 25 year olds and it just feels like I am with a child. I can’t see him as a man even physically ako na mwili ya mtu mzima. I don’t know how people date younger people, it’s doesn’t feel normal or right. Fossil mwenzako ndio munaelewa struggles za uzee. I have also dated older like ten years older, Yaani ni kama uko na budako, he keeps telling you, you are a very intelligent woman, the way you keep telling a child, you are a very clever child. Age disparity of more or less than five years is a throw. It’s always nice to be with an equal. Just like if you date a broke guy, you have to upgrade him to your level coz you sure as hell are not going to downgrade to his level. Or someone less educated or cultured than you. They don’t get how you see things, they can’t afford things that are kawaida to you, you can’t be yourself with them. You have to try to fit into their small world. It’s terrible. Why would anyone put themselves through this. It’s just a struggle. Sasa this a 15 year old boy with a 35 year old woman - 20 years age difference. Even if he was 20 and you are 45 ni dhambi. This is very, very unfortunate. Tena it’s your student.


nimefika hapa
kumbe WGTOW wanakulanga soft meat pia?