Female eye cleansers part 3

@TrumanCapote @Purple na kadhalika, feast your eyes on our honorable members of Cute Boys Association. One taste of such prime meat and you will leave all your bitterness behind:





Juvenile Faggots …

Effeminate Lip Gloss wearing , eyebrow plucking , earring wearing , finger manicuring , necklace wearing Gaaayys …

These are your future leadership …
Bure Kabisa … :D:D

Ugly gang come slowly

i manicure my fingers to avoid biting my nails.
theres nothing effeminate with putting on colourless nail polish FOR A REASON.
all others ndio sassa hiyo umesema


…and his minnions commenting otherwise

Kijana enda salon ujipake make up tonne mzima Kama mashoga wenzako[ATTACH=full]399996[/ATTACH]

Gaaaay thread

It’s 2021, you can just admit you like young boys though your taste of what is handsome is deplorable.

Dayumm …
All this Gaaayyyy shit is getting out of hand …:D:D


It’s tighter

Cute boy who spent 1.5m kwa maraya ya riffarori.

:smiley: ktalk is a good reminder that insecurity is really ugly… but also hilarious.


Cheeiii …!!!
Jesus is Lord …!!! :eek::oops:o_O

mi huflex ma niggers mbaya with well manicured nails
mi ndio ule msee :smiley: