Female Delusion


This 45 year old probably still thinks she can get a man who is better than her (hypergamy).

The biggest mistake such career women make is thinking that men love women the same way women love men.

The guy she is looking for, will be looking for that 24 year old intern, not her. He has the means to get better and fresher stock from the marketplace.

All her achievements don’t mean shiett to a man and most women have a hard time wrapping their heads around that.

Sadness of life.

Tutaongea mara ngapi hii story. Meffi

brownskin hapa you have a point. The things that women find attractive in men (status, resources, arrogance) are not the same things men find attractive in women (youth, femininity, beauty)

In the same vein, some men assume that since they find femininity (perpetual smiling, softness in character) in women attractive, they assume that women find femininity in men attractive. Hapa unapata ghaseer kama @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! smearing himself with perfume, his face tightened in a perpetual smile. Yaani both genders are confused.

What happened to the days when men engaged in duel and cattle raiding and came home covered in sweat, to find a finely prepared meal awaiting them? Siku hizi you find mwanaume sura ngumu kama @Agwambo singing along to taylor swift, thinking it makes him attractive.

wewe muyinga tulikuambia utafute rainbow threads za faggots you discuss story za mattercore. This is a fine thread. Hapana derail.

Ikifika story ya wanawakeyou get the points. Ni story za pesa uwachane nazo tu

Somehow older women are usually more realistic. Mi hufind dem anaishi kwa wazazi ndio wanakuanga na ujinga sana. You are probably richer than both her parents combined but she still thinks humuwezi. I think Kalekye anataka marriage and the men just want to smash. Honestly I think she’s entitled to be demanding, she has been successful

Hahahaha very true!!

aambie watu ukweli. anakosa mwanaume sababu amezeeka, sio eti ako empowered. na kuregister company na kuiita KM Network sio kuwa empowered, tukubaliane hapo

I always say it’s very ironic that those who seem to be the loudest mgtow advocates or who have grudges with females seem to be the ones who pay the most amount of attention to them. Just go back to threads or comments posted talking sh!t about women or anything to do with the subject and check the percentage which you find from content by these people.

It’s like a bad itch which won’t go away no matter how much they scratch.

Its can only work if the woman looks up to a man. the men she can look up to are in their 60s and are not really interested in some things.

99% of women usually have major problems understanding that.

Hata hapa ktalk mimi husoma comments zingine najua tuu ni mwanamke ako behind the handle.

It is usually a very easy giveaway when you look at how they think.

A typical 32 year old doctor thinks that she deserves a 35 year old surgeon.

The 35 year old surgeon will be banging that 23 year old nurse all day making the 32 year-old doctor furious. She will have difficulties understanding why a 23 year old nurse is more valuable to men than a 32 year old doctor.

She always has the option of affirming that the notion is invalid by finding a man asap and marrying him, then listening to him. But no, she is so used to victimisation mentality she’d rather whine on public as opposed to actually doing something to disapprove the notion.

Are you kidding? This is the only topic that everybody claims to know something about.

Naona online alpha males hapa, unaweza fikiria mtu ako na pHd ya wamama lakini behind the scenes vitu ni different.

Earth is hard for everyone. Women are different, sane applies to men. Hizi formula’s watu hu propagate hapa ni fraud tupu. Confidence tu ndio muhimu. The rest ni mtu na creativity yake. Being a real man nikujiamini. It’s that simple.

Awache kazi basi ama akuwe mboch aone kama kuna mtu bado atakuwa serious naye at that age and weight…

Nothing gonna change that. There’s a healthy evolutionary reason behind hypergamy, though I think toning down on their ambitiousness would make women happier. You cannot expect a woman to love a man who’s below her on the economic ladder, the same way you cannot expect a man to develop sexual attraction for a woman with a face like Wetangula’s.

This stock of human preferences goes back across many generations. But human beings are prone to wishful thinking and comforting consolations.

She is an accomplished woman. She brings something to the table. Mi nakubali awe demanding, the same way mi nataka kua demanding.
OP yuko right though, women are delusional. Hiyo amedinya point kama pornstar

These celebrities women pushes feminism telling women to be strong and independent and they dont need a man. then will went on and get married. While their fool of a female fans walked slowly like zombie lemmings to wall and are now miserable and fearing dying alone.

Hii narrative yako ime weza, until this 32 years clinical officer shows up [ATTACH=full]391944[/ATTACH]

Feminist in 20s: A woman needs a man like a fish need a bicycle
Feminist in 30s and 40s: Where are all the good men ? Men are afraid to marry a strong independent women. Blah blah blah