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Did you know?

An Elephant’s pregnancy is for the duration of 22months. The longest among Mammals.

It is almost impossible for elephants to birth twins. This is because mothers rarely have enough milk to feed their babies (calves). However, it is possible but both rarely survives.

A female elephants have 4-5 (most) babies during their life time.

Normally, without being pregnant, an elephant lie to sleep only for 3-4hours a day due to their weights getting up.

A pregnant elephant sleeps while standing most of the time; though they do not sleep deep.

A pregnant elephant feeds for around 20hours a days against their 18 hours of feeding while not pregnant—And while they approached their 20th months of pregnancy, they begin to starve themselves so they can loose weight. This practice is a natural routine for them to be able to give birth easily.

And when the Baby elephants are born, they do not have the necessary build up microorganisms in their guts to digest plant materials and every other thing they eat when they are born.

So what they do is, eat their mother’s poo known as dungs, as it helps develop in them the digestive bacteria and the likes of worms which will digest the food in their stomachs.


Hehe, I know you copied this, but it reads like it was written by a male animal

…Dungs? The likes of worms?

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