Female action stars.

Is it just me or every time I see a movie with a woman being the action hero, I just cannot watch that bulshit. I just cant.

Cynthia Rothrock?

@Nameberry1 and

@TrumanCapote we need vayolence.

Ni kama kuona soccer ya wamama. Who even watches that shit.

Ata foota ya wanaume niufala tu . Glorified upuzi

I hope we don’t come across as combative?
what we are doing is educating ourselves and you about afew things we’ve learnt along the way …

Its most modern big studio female led action movies suck because studios are unable to write strong female characters. Instead they turn them into feminazi assholes.
A few years back kulikuwa na action movies kali staring women. Movies kama underworld.

no one has time for that we gonna do what we want if u don’t like it u know what todo

…na pia Salt, Angelina Jolie.

Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, Sucker Punch, Alias, La Femme Nikita, Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith…So many examples of how to do it right. But we get crappy Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8 reboots instead.

The only fun thing to watch is your urine flow after mzinga nne


Charlie’s angels reboot was even worse. Waliweka transexual and called him a woman:D:D Even feminazis their target audience avoided it like a plague.



Feminists don’t rant about men they educate women on men need for vasectomy at a young age. support and empower women.pigs is mens ideas

Sure! Continue lying to yourself.

Whatever you are using is harmful. Please stop using it before it makes you stupid.

Cynthia Khan

am using logic but not flawed logic