Fellow Peasants

As you are walking to the office, you take a diversion to a kiosk to get airtime. As the attendant scratches the card for you, you notice something. There are sachets hanging from a string in the kiosk. The label is “Mother Cup”.

“Ile ni nini?” you ask.
“Sukari” the youth answers.

You feel a bit foolish. It should have been obvious that it is sugar, even from a distance. Okay, may be not. White substance in sachets could be anything. From sugar to heroin.

You move closer to see the weight. 50 grams.

“Na ni pesa ngapi?”
“15 bob”

Ladies and gentlemen, if the economy has denied you your dose of sugar, worry no more .Here is a a deal.Mother Cup has got your back.


So 300 bob for 1kg. Hawa ni peasants wa wapi una address?


No one goes there and buys 20 sachets at once.



hapa ndio mtu hurudi shule yao kuomba school fees alilipia hesabu


what he means is, that suggar is expensive. go to any supermarket and a KG of sugar costs around 200-220 while this mothercup costs 300 a KG, so which is cheaper? ama meaning ya peasants ilibadilishwa


The peasants are buying portions smaller than a KG because a KG is beyond their budget.


are people tht dump to understand the smaller the size the lesser the budget and therefore balancing the equation of low income?

Who manufactures the ‘Mother Cup’ Brand?

Smaller portions always cost more. They pretend to not know that peasants get screwed the most.

Kadogo economy.


Last year August, if I recollect well, there’s an incident that shocked me: I was visiting some site around the Northern parts of Nairobi. I ran out of airtime on my phone so I had to walk around and ask for refill to make an important call to an associate. When I causally walked into a kiosk and asked for a bamba, the guy first handed me some whitish stuff that was wrapped in a grey-black polythene bag. Thing was just the size of the small five shillings coin and almost flat. Immediately the guy noticed that I was staring in some way, probably expecting something else, he withdrew the item and placed it under the counter, then proceeded to hand me a fifty bob worth of safaricom airtime. When I was done loading, I left and walked away slowly. Within minutes of leaving, the guy had closed shop and left for wherever. I later came to learn that the guy uses the kiosk as a cover for selling drugs. Bamba must’ve been a code for that size.


Peasants ndio hukamuliwa the most na hii system, lighting with parrafin is more exensive than using elec., cooking with parrafin is also more exensive than cooking with gas


If you want to make money in this economy bila stress mob, sell to these people.



its called Coded Language for members.i ever subscribed to that once while selling substance in campus.

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Hapo sincerely I am naïve. Naungama! I thought your thread was headed that way at some point :D:D:D but issokei, also, ossorait.


badala you advise peasants vizuri wewe unawapotosha

toa hapo kwa kupotosha uadvise them sir @Deorro

my second reply niliweka advice hapo