fellow billionaires

2 acres of land are up for lease in upper hill area,i also have 2 pcs of 100 by 100 near kilimambogo teacher college @1.4m,inbox for more details.

Lease for how long?

15 years,renewable

How much is the lease?

i can’t put figures here

Scam alert.

Land in Upper Hill needs no advertising, especially not in Ktalk of all places.

Have you ever seen an Aston Martin billboard in Kawangware? Or Royal Bank of Scotland advertising in Githurai?

C’mon man, please find a better “hustle”.

in your opinion all ktalkers are peasants?

Haven’t you noticed?

basi wawache hio ya upper hill wanunue hio ya kilimambogo

You’re a real hustler.

That switch up was classic.

Do beware, the long arm of the law will catch up with you eventually.

wacha mchezo nani,unataka kusema ktalk imejaa maconmen,malaya ,wezi, wauaji,beggars etc,yaani hakuna anaweza onyensha yule mwingine njia?

Not really.

It’s just that I doubt you’ll find anyone here gullible enough to “invest” in your scam.

Yeesh! Leave some space on the coffin for us to put nails too

Anyway hii ni Kama kuuza Nguruwe mskitini

2 acres of commercial land in upperhill? Being advertised by some random fellow on an anonymous forum like ktalk?
Dude be serious.That kind of property listing is found on serious business publications and renowned real estate consultancy firm websites eg knight frank and the likes.
Even if you are genuine and not a scammer(which most probably you are),you have chosen the wrong medium of advertising your prime property.
My two cents.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell the dickhead.

He must think people here are as dumb as he is.

The ad is shit. But Peasants? hahaha, I’m loving this platform everyday.

give the guy a break, maybe he knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone X 15 , who owns that land.

:D:D:D… Yenyewe sijawahi ona.

leteni biashara na muaje ujuaji na umeffi,hapa kuna movers and shakers of kenyan economy na hamuwezi tujua,i repeat,mkiwa serious just inbox me

niwekee mbisha za hizo shamba inbox, plus contacts.