Felisen Kabuga

The guy is now aged,me think that it got to a time he noted that his time on earth is coming to an end.So he made deals with certain people to arrest him and take him through the trial.I am sure the guy will always be asleep during most of his courts proceedings at the Hague.After all he will only have like 15yrs to suffer if he lives upto 100yrs.
But how is justice going to be served for the masses that was killed in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.
It is clear that while escaping arrests there must have been senior govt officers who helped him hop into one plane after the other across various borders.
They should concentrate on pressing his balls so that he names all those people.The likes of Dr Zachary Cheruiyot,Late Biwott ,those in Congo,Rwanda and France should pay for Kabuga’s ill.They helped him escape.
To milk all info from the octogenarian,I think the authorities should go for his kids if he has any and threaten their lives.Jamaa atatoboa all his accomplices and those should be subject to trials for abetting in a crime against humanity

His age will help him. We all remember Pinochet and to some extend Bokassa

Unfortunately they don’t prescribe death sentences at the Hague

Bokassa did face trial in his country though. What helped him get away is that he was a French citizen who had fought in WWII.

Pinochet alijisaidia na connections to Spanish Francoists. Once liberals came to power, his goose was cooked.

I suspect France helped Kabuga out just to spite Kagame.