felesien kabuga kumbe ni kamzee

what everyone was searching for


what they were supposed to be looking for


Haka kamzee ni kama kalijiseti. Sahii ata kakiwa na cancer ama magonjwa mengine it’s up to the state of France to take care of him. Plus hawa wazungu watakaekea comfortable prison cell ama home detention “on compassionate grounds”. Kabla kesi iishe kawe kamekufa of natural causes.

Mawazo imemzeesha, 26 wasted years

Kwani the guy went bald in his 70s.

That first pic was provided for Rwanda intelligence after kibaki became prezzo

It was taken from his house in kitengela

That picture is from 1994.

I think he should be tortured to death. That’s what he deserve. Si kapeanwe Rwanda aki.

I actually thought he was dead and buried in some huge farm huko Eldoret.

Now that he’s been caught, he will die peacefully in a nice clean hospital bed in France surrounded by diligent medical staff and thereafter be buried in France with his ill gotten wealth distributed to his heirs.

And that will be before the case in court against him is concluded.

What I find interesting is that he was hiding out in France of all places. Fucking evil country that one. No wonder Kagame hates them with a passion

It wasn’t really dated
But it was given a the new NARC gava

Rwanda intelligence said it was taken in kitengela

In 94,he was young and brown

He was heavily involved in matatu industry (RWAKEN) and real estate
( Spanish villas kilimani)

He had a pub and some houses in kitengela

The nigga is 84 years old today. What you’ve posted doesn’t look like a 58 year old.


How old does he look?

Those look like two different people Ama alifanya plastic surgery

Banae watu ni heartless how do u even live vinormal ukijua blood of thousands ilimwagika juu yako


cue hollywood reporter torture porn movies…

He was arrested by the UN. So off to Hague and then to TZ to the war tribunal. He probably changed his identity and managed to sneak in and live in France untraced.

Wasted. How now, he lived and enjoyed his youthful years, aged like everybody else. Now he is old and knows he probably has 5-10yrs remaining if lucky, he does not care if they jail or kill him afterall his aged body is now a burden

French intelligence had to have known he was in their country. Even under a faked ID.

How so. When he was last reported in Kenya.