Feeling pissed off...

So, I have this sponsor who has promised to buy me a car. He also gave me some money to get myself a driving license. Every weekend for the past four week I have been practicing driving with his manual gear SUV while at the same time attending some driving lessons in town.
Now, yesterday i went for the test, confident enough that I would pass. The traffic officer asked me some oral questions then asked me to identify some road signs. I did that very well since i had spent time studying the signs. However, when it came to the model table, the officer asked me to follow a toy vehicle with another toy vehicle. I followed as requested…but the officer told me…rudi shule msichana ukasome meza! and he cancelled my papers.
I went outside and joined the rest as we waited for the practical test. To my utter shock, I realized that I could not proceed to the practical test. I had failed because of the stupid model table test. what pissed me off is that the model table tests are based on a fucking roundabout that are currently being removed from our roads. There are only three roundabouts with four lanes along Uhuru highway…nowhere else… they should have removed the table to look like superhighway and ask about navigating flyovers and tunnels, like the one at pangani…why stick with the damn roundaboout as the SI unit of driving in Kenya.
Nonetheless, the driving school instructor pulled us aside and told us the failure was just part of the business. Nobody fails and repeats a driving test. we were asked to pay 1k to facilitate the license processing. I was shocked that we would not be tested again. The fucking police and NTSA will not test if I can drive a motor vehicle. they will not test if i have good eyesight or my legs are strong enough to step on the peddles…they will just hand me the driving license after testing only my skills to drive a toy car!..who will save us kenyans.
so i told my sp0nsor that i had passed the test and the license will be ready after a few days…mmmh…the system is rotten!




Now which part pissed you off? The part where they tested you using the the roundabout? The fact that you failed on the MTB? Or the fact that they asked you for the 1k for you to proceed with the test(bearing in mind hata pesa sio yako)?

A police officer anakusaidia kuepuka early death and you are pissed off

Am sure wengine wamejaribu kukusaidia uepukane na janga la sponsor

Your luck will run out eventuareey

Bibi ya sponsor ako na gari?

umesema ORAL questions…ma jamaa akacancell paper na wajua ORAL questions? I repeat, do you know ORAL or not? key point is ORAL here.

At a sijui niseme nini

I thought I read something similar to this on alai’s aka @jokoyo timeline

#blondemoments :smiley: o_O

your IQ is below average if you cannot pass such a simple test

You can even fail a blood test.


@ black templar,kuna ndugu yako ^^^

@introvert wekea n.v kambisha hivi

Ako wapi?

There is a round about in Chemelil…
Be very wary…

Sana sana hapo kwa stepping on ‘peddles’ sioni sponsor akikula supper before 3am…

pia mimi nataka kua sponsor wako…nikupatie ndoo ya kurudi shule.