So today morning I woke up in a feelanga free mood… downing some whiskey as I reminisced on the good old days when Moi day was a real holiday with fly past jets. Kidogo kidogo, the missus comes fuming ati the chicken enclosure I built her some time back was short and the chicken were jumping over the netting, raiding her vegetable kitchen garden.
Remembering the massive “one man army” effort I had put in mounting the posts and nailing the chicken wire netting, I indignantly insisted that the work I had done was adequate and wouldn’t redo it. As I looked at the truant chicken with anger, a light bulb moment hit me. I rushed for a pair of scissors and trimmed down all their wing feathers.
I am now walking around the compound feeling like Einstein as they can’t jump even half a metre high.
[SIZE=1]Though I have just realised that the chicken can’t jump into their upper chicken house compartments as they don’t have enough lift under their wings with the now trimmed feathers. Will just do them some small ladder to sort that out. [/SIZE]

Chicken abuse to please your moody woman?
I call bs!

What kind of life do you live …how is it even worth living …why do you choose to still live when you are poor well into the foreseeable future


Way way better than your bitter life. How did you come to conclude on the poor part!!! You have toooo much negative energy which I will ignore.

If i may ask,how many chickens do you have??

The full credit goes to what you were taking, mostly.

If you died after reaching here in your hekaya I would have concluded that you slaughtered all of them and they’re now in your freezer to be eaten one by one. You don’t respect your appetite

9 fullgrowns with 4 young ones

Next time ukihesabu, include yourself,:smiley:

Some people believe/think that if you keeping chicken means you are poor or shacked up in a slum, same folk feel crowding in apartments aka termite hills is bliss.

Sure, the bastards who think that living in crowded Nairobi apartments is bliss. Wabaki hapo… Next week I accomplish by bucket list… visiting the fourth wonder of the world…

Scrotum ni humbwa

More power to you @LISPY

More power to you @LISPY

I thought you at least doing what you are doing for some food or something like that not to pleasing some women anyway with all that matters here totally and completely. Please make some explanation out there, do you really see the need in that ?

Lispy punyeta tu

Weed is not salad

Punguza bangi.

Mnalia kuku zimekatwa feathers na hizi mnakulanga town hazina manyoya kwa mgongo na haziwezi ruka hata zikitaka. _ The author has 32 kienyeji,not Kari or Kuroiler shit and 38 eggs under wise chicken.