Feel good Friday.

Based on a post here yesterday advising the elderly to take it slow, how many talkers here are over 40 and living the life?
Contribute freely, after all we are anonymous.

I am 34, but there are many talkers who are significantly older than me based on the content of their posts

I am 40 and a few days old. I shine and define my life my way. Everyone else with ideas on what i should have achieved by now should go drying


There are guys over 60 whom are more active than than 30 year olds in the city. Am 31 years.

wazee hapa in order of age.

70 Guka fiud marshal coach waru
65 mzee gashui
50 mujamaa wa kupigwo ni jaruo SCUMPAKA
50 maria magdalene
25 leap yaers old; kawambui
all pink handles are also at least 20 leap years old other than purr who is <30

mimi Niko 40-15

Hi @LeoKim!!

What about omuttatah? 70

Hi fp

mimi ni ‘going strong and much younger each day and night’.


31 na niko strong .

I NEED A MILF from this village

When you meet her, tell that hot milf in your profile pic (right side) that pia mimi siwesmind

@Fala 12 hehehee…over fifte? Aca mani. But over thate fae yes.

It feels good to live the life you have charted on your own…

Hi @10000 OTHERS

MUZURI sana how is you

Budah hapa hakuna mambo ya ku-exchange niceties itisha maku faster faster upewe bora tu ufikishe threshold.

Uko wapi leo???