Federal Republic of Kenya

In 2010 we really thought that the 2010s would be the decade Kenya moves forward closer to real industrialization. That didn’t happen. Kikeikuyus picked up from undermining the electoral process in 2007 by electing ICC suspects, reelecting them as public debt ballooned and sealed it by electing one of the biggest thieves in Kenyan history to “teach Uhuru Kenyatta a lesson”

Now not only are we in danger of default and the crises that will ensue but we are also being forced into one of the biggest transfers or public resources to private hands by housing bullshit and the planned unscrutinized privatization of companies so that Ruto and his cronies can get them pennies on the dollar. Not to mention that this ape who voted no against devolution is happy to undermine it. Why would he Care? His people are happily subsidized to grow maize so devolution or not has no effect on him and his base. Kenya is going to lose another 20 years.

All of us are going to suffer because of the mistakes of two fucking tribes. This is just one of the reasons we call for real devolution. Not BBI consensus government or this easily undermined setup that we currently have. We need federal States. We need grassroots needs shielded in some way from the crap that happens at the center.

Kubaff. Kikuyu this, kikuyu that. Kwani nyinyi kodoo zingine hamna kura?? Kikuyus are less than 20% of total voters. Mbwa nyinyi.

Kanawaramba … na bado.

No one is interested in your BS.

Enyewe kikuyus are really going to suffer, woiyee!

Votes in Kenya aren’t determined by the number of voters

Ngurucuki uka nguthice utige unyee

Huyu muchichana midlife crisis ndio inamnyorosha, ni scapegoating anafanya. She’s just turned 30 with nothing to show for it (the 93 in her handle is most likely her year of birth). No stable job/career/business, no husband, nothing. When she’s not posting about kaleniggers and kikekuyus, she asks about jobs, how to start a business, or where to meet wazungu. Ni machungu ako nayo.


Unafinya hadi ovaries buana

Mbwa koko ya kike kama wewe ndio huwa mnafanya turudi default setting , ya ruto kumi na ya gachagua kumi

niko nyuma ya @girlciki93

[SIZE=5]Federation is a quick cure for many of our challenges …[/SIZE]

Not an argument

meffi… look who is talking

[SIZE=6]This is result when you empower Thieves , Killers , Morons and bankrupt elements … :D:D[/SIZE]

Niaje kalenjinga

Niaje khasia ya ndunyu?

Degree ni muhimu. Kwani counties are not federal states?
Hasoras wafinywe visuri na ruto kumi alafu uongeze vile governors are shafting grass roots funds bila lube. Penda sana

Maraya wewe enda uuze coomer update pesa ya lunch

Wewe wachana na dem yangu…i can tame this one