February is the dividends month, recommendations zikam

At the end of this month I will earn dividends of ksh. 115,000 from my Sacco. I consider this money my purest sweat and hence will be[ATTACH=full]414862[/ATTACH] spoiling myself big time. I have one surviving parent who I gift 15k, my wife and children will get 20k to share 5k each.
I will be left with 80k for use at undisclosed lokeshen,
Where can I get something like the pictured? I want to pour all germs from my body,

Sacco gani hii

Always put your family first…achana na hizi makunguru…At least your parent, wife and kids in future can take care of you, but kunguru’s point of intetest is your pockets only. Be responsible man…80k kununua utamu tu??? Au atakufungia uende nayo.

Kuna zile uwongo za mbali zimeekwa kafirifiri zinakaa ukweli. This is one of them

Hii hata one taste dhania na otungulu

115,000/0.08=1,437,500 assuming 8% per annum this fellow has 1.4m lying idle in some sacco

What a waste of money…

Sabina joy

Hiyo si ni kidogo…people save even upto 10m…



Toa idea on how best to invest the amount.

A noble elder who remembers his parent ,may hiv never ever get near you and may you feast on juiciest poosies on earth . Deuteronomy 14:1

Boss, are the founder of K/talk

A fool and his money …

Saccos pay 12%, I consider it decent

Wacha kuteta, recommendations kwanza


115000/0.12=958,333 in a sacoo elders toeni alternative biz ideas

Ambia watu ungefanya nini na hizo pesa kama ni wewe or better, give business ideas

Wachache sana wanafikisha 12% on deposits. Maybe kwa shares - na shares ni non-refundable so watu huchukua the bare minimum.