Fear Women


Upuzi kama hii wacha fb


Hii upuzi ni real huko nje , kuna Jamaa wangu amenicall akiwa in distress . He married a single mother of one but as we took Mali kwa mosichana tukaogezewa mtoto mwingine wake alikua ameacha huko . Juzi after giving birth Jamaa amegundua she still communicates with Baba mtoto wa katilati who offers help here or there . Since Jamaa anastruggle hata gari ilienda na auctioneers , madam akapeleka mtoto wa katikati kwa babake. She occasionally visits the father to check on the girl na analala kwa “sofa” indicating to my ninja hawakukulana . I told the guy to run to the nearby thickets and even recommended he join ktalk to be drilled with street wisdom but seems he is poosie whipped like ghaseeer. The woman ni wale WA kanisa with good mkiya the way elders here like them . Kuoa single mother is extreme sport.



He has at last seen the light!

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Nitawaambia mara ngapi. Women are incapable of viewing situations from a man’s perspective because they are self-centered and selfish. They don’t care if a man loses for their gain. Note how she trivializes the issue as if the guy can just let it slide after being defrauded and potentially raising another man’s DNA for 25 years.


We mzee, these things are real.



Mwache, some of this men, huwa vichwa ngumu when they find good pussy, they start thinking like Woman and detach their rational side, that’s why you never overstay na kunguru they are humans like others, the more you know about their life the more understanding you might and will get, a lot slip there, same with men who marry kunguru’s amidst all red flags.

Nilikuwa na rafiki, wanted to commit to a single mom wa 29 who even revealed to him she had a body count of 29, fala even started financing their lifestyle at 27 with his first salary, as long as you sent a warning step aside wacha kimrambe.


Body count ya 29 men cumming inside her zii…na hii ujue ni number amekata the actual number is higher. I’d dump her on spot


Dame ako na body count high you don’t even need to ask juu they never tell the truth anyway. Utajua kunguru kwa tabia tuu. Kuna tabia a hardcore kunguru hawezi ficha and if you have been on the streets long enough utaziona day 1. Naive guys may get duped lakini mtu anaelewa streets vizuri atakwambia kunguru with 97% accuracy after having a 2 hour conversation with her.

Yenye easiest ni kuchunguza how well-travelled she is ama zile clubs anajua. Women love to brag about their lifestyles so akikwambia many destinations ama clubs huyo ni kunguru outright. I can guarantee you alipelekwa huko by the many guys who have smashed sio pesa yake.


Kweli elder


Hapa ndo ukifikiria kuoa unachoka Tu.

Hiyo mbuyu apige left. Hata hakuna kitu ya ku discuss. Hiyo friend mwenye amemuokolea ampe reward for rescuing home from , hata hisemeki :japanese_goblin:

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Singo matha unaingia mkia unaparachte embobut

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She wants to pray about it :joy:


Most of those so called church women (worse if single mother) can manipulate a simp to death


Manipulation at :100:

Na kuna mumojaaa na otea.