fear women

I am a senior manager at an insurance agency and recently I got sexually involved with this woman from the office after an office party. We danced and had a good evening and when I dropped her off at her place, she invited me in for a drink and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. She later went to a hospital and alleged that I raped her in her house and filed a report with a lawyer to open up a rape case against me. I have talked with her lawyer and he is demanding 800,000/- as compensation to the lady and for his legal fees to end the matter or proceed to file a case against me. She claims I threatened her with dire consequences including loss of job e.t.c. This could ruin my reputation at the office, cost me my job and even destroy my family. My character and life is on the line. I don’t know what to do, please advise me.

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Hehehe lawyers wa ktalk are preparing statements. Ngoja tu hapo. Meffi/Upuss batallion pia wanakam

Weue, hata kama, this is terrible. Extortion refined, redefined and repackaged.

At this pace it will reach a time when people will be signing consent through an app before conjugation . To protect both parties from legal liabilities.

“Eat” that evidence-Just kill the bitch.

tulisema kunguru hawafugiki. but of late wameanza kuwa wajanja na rape claims. poor boy child

you lost your reputation moment you showed her your dick. tutasema Mara ngapi utumie kunguru 1k kwa mpesa just before indulging ili I serve as backup evidence for goods sold?

Ooh poor boy child.

Dryfry ndio noma juu ya sperms, angetumia CD hakungekua na evidence alinyanduliwa.

cham nyanji:D

hakuna siku criminal offence has ever been filed by a personal lawyer,that is the work of the state.unless ni private prosecution senji wewe!!hapo wana kuta peli…kwanza enda next police station sataki wao na exhortation ama kitu kama hio.

Fuck insurance senior managers huwa wanajiona ni kama wamefika , kula kiburi yako revist the past at the office pengine umekuwa ukimdhalilisha sana that why she decided to revenge .

Ama just make a sex tape.

wacha nianze ku code for the app. will call it “NAKUBALI” I will bring the APK here for tests.

why do men stop thinking when the short man wakes up? what’s the relation.

Just pay the 800k and count your loses. She will finish the money in a month. One day she will ask for forgiveness. Watch the space.

:D:D:D strange times!

Unafanya wax na makunguru. Okay sorry for that experience. But I tend to shy off starting anything with workmates. Most are kungurus

in kenya you only need about 20k to eliminate her. Ama look for a cop and plant drugs on her. If you give here the 800k she will be on your case forever.

…am lost:oops:.