Fear and shock as several people are EATEN by HYENAS in Juja

Athi village in Juja, Kiambu County is grief and shock after hyenas feasted on a middle-aged man to his death on Monday night.

According to locals, the 38-year-old man was attacked by the wild animals which ate his flesh leaving his remains, dry bones, lying uncollected.

They stated that hyenas and other dangerous wild animals have been hiding in various bushes in the area but their plea to have the animals captured have been bearing zero fruits.

“We have buried several persons who were attacked by wild animals most of who are men. We are now worried whether or not our children will be going to school with this trend,” said Jonathan Kamau, a local.

How can we be sure that he was not dead before they ate him?

Bwahahaha the hyenas only walk around at night and they actually avoid people. The idiots being munched on are drunkards wakirudi past a certain time and trying to take short cuts through farms and forests.

Wenyeji wanajua this is a non-issue. We’ve learnt to live with all kinds of wildlife without any issues.

What a horrific way to check out, RIP


unatusi @Motokubwa AKA @bigfire AKA ex-Omuhusband chini ya woyes:D

NV alipewa star aje @Purple
ama ni @Jirani ama yule mkamba wa prediction ata nli msahau jina

NVchieth nyota umetoa wapi?

Na vile mmezoea kuingia mitini. Will you be running to the rivers‍♂️

Pitisha yye cattle dip

yenyewe nani ako na io cattle dip? …endea moja kwa wazee mimi huko sina account…
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Hyena haiwezi kula nguruwe ya mapipa! Pthoh!

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mtu atafute @Motokubwa
kwani leo alisiagwa huko kichinjio na other ‘meats’ kama unborn pig foetus

NV alokupea staa nani?


Hyena ni scavenger. Inakula corpse pekee

Stop underestimating the hyena.

yaani Hyena huwa all over Kenya ama ? sijawai kutana nayo pale KIMS

Hyenas are very under-estimated. Contrary to popular misconception, they are actually very organized communal hunters.

hata wewe huziskia usiku