FBI now digging up a field near former residence of missing toddlers in Bakersfield based on tips from a psychic

Bad news. The little missing adopted boys are now being looked for under a field about eleven and a half miles opposite the former Bakersfield residence based on a tip from a psychic. Many cases in the US are solved by psychics and FBI do engage them. Let’s wait and see several true crime vloggers have moved to the area after FBI focusing all of their efforts to the old house since Cal City neighbors say they never saw the kids in question 4 and 3 yr old boys, since September. The former neighbors also say that the kids stayed indoors and were very quiet. This is week 4 since the adoptive parents called police to report them missing after going out to play in the yard. The FBI did not put out an amber alert meaning that it’s not a search and rescue mission but a search and recovery mission. The kids are dead.