Am wondering now all of my favourites tvs have been shut down,KTN NEWSmy favourite news center,Citizen my favourite soaps center,NTVmy favouritecomedy center like churchill show yawa kwani nini inaendelea huku?

Endelea na Jimjam…

mpaka lini

Go hang… Please

:D:D…ama Niko Odeon:D:D

you are on the wrong site

kwa nini

This media shutdown is here to stay. Kenyan entertainment sector is fucked up

but why is it?

Pigia Ndirangu pale githurai he’s unblocking those TV stations !

Mimi ni Mshamba kuruka sasa nawatch Farmer TV.

There a channel called signs TV.
I tuned to it was and was wondering kwani TV yangu iko na shida ya volume…
Realized later its meant for the deaf and dumb.

hiyo bangi si ya Afrika

Show some respect admin! It’s deaf and mute.


Unblocking to watch CNN???

Men watch football not soap operas

who said

Who said men should urinate while standing, but every man does

That is a biological trait.
Watching football is not a biological trait.