Well it is a Moslem word i have just used.

What I wanna know from one those skinny sputum spitting fellas,Is it a Fatwa/wrong for them to wish or relays celebratory messages to their fellow Christians whenever they have a holiday kama Easter.
Ama Christians ndio huwa na kiherehere ya kuwatakia waislamu sikukuu za heri na fanaka

As Christians, we are called upon by our Lord to love even our enemies. However, the enemies (Moslems) have a rallying call to hate us and try to convert us through all means.

Allahu akbar … wacha jeshi ifike, this is a call of war.

Kenyan Christians simp for the bacon mohhameds. Muslims on the other hand despise and laugh at this. As an ancestor worshipping African, I think both religions are Middle Eastern hogwash and should remain there for the butt fingering Ahmed and racist Yakub

War matako ya mohhamed

Tombwa kunyi pole pole bila kusumbua kaffir.

Muslims believe Jesus was never even crucified neither did he die or resurrect. It would be awkward if they wished you a happy Easter.

Muslims wa Iran hutambua holidays zote za Christians, na huwa wanatambua Yesu kama mmoja wa prophets.
Muslims wa Saudia hawatambui holiday za Christians,

Easter was an example,do you have any evidence where they wished christian well during their holiday,any

@poyoloko mind your language,this thread is discussing matters of religions

They celebrated Christmas (for the 1st time) in 2020


Fatwa, in Islam, a formal ruling or interpretation on a point of Islamic law given by a qualified legal scholar (known as a mufti). Fatwas are usually issued in response to questions from individuals or Islamic courts.
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Haram is the more appropriate word.

Haram is an Arabic term meaning “forbidden”. Acts that are haram are prohibited in the religious texts of the Quran and the Sunnah. If something is considered haram, it remains prohibited no matter how good the intention is, or how honourable the purpose is

The only other holiday is Christmas, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, son of God. Muslims consider that idolatry seeing that they do not believe in the Holy Trinity.

The thing I find amusing is that humans are hellbent on hating and destroying each other on the basis of religion. Yet in reality, we are all the same, people who have the same blood. No man has the blood of goats or insects. The only difference is that we think that we know God, and other people don’t. Actually, we humans only think we do; if we did, we would know everything, including all the secrets of death. But God must be objective, neutral and anti-religion, or he wouldn’t make people the same. It’s the utmost folly therefore, for people to querrel and fight because they call God by different names, or over the assumed wishes of a Deity they can’t see, and whose power they can never control.
So have your holidays and I shall have mine. Let’s be fair, trade, and live side by side. Respect my space, and I’ll respect yours. Don’t force me to do things your way, and I will do the same. In the grand scheme of things, every human being lives, and the end is the same–we all die and leave behind everything we fought for. Then others start it all over again.

religion is just politics …it has nothing to do with spirituality but to control a group … thats why it’s easy to killl under religion …yote ni fake

Very true. Even if you look at the story of Moses, mans was butchering dissenters and claiming he is following God’s instructions. Typical dictator clinging onto power.

It didn’t have to go to this level.

Have you read the bible? there’s seldom any love there just murder aplenty and ethical cleansing and a little bit of incest to keep things refreshing.

The bibe is a supremacy book, and a huge population of this world bought into this degenerate philosophy.

If you critically look at the human history available to you, you will find that every conflict, whatever the excuses, was always about resources. Man fights over nothing but bread, then he tries to justify it to the mass conscience by claiming that God directed his actions.