I would like to wish all Father’s and Dad’s s here a happy Father’s Day. God give you good health and more strength so that you continue taking care of your families. For the wonderful Men who sacrifice alot for their kids and wives just keep it up. You are the epitome of men of character and wisdom.
And always take time no matter how busy you are to bond with your sons and daughters. Be a good Daddy all the time so that when you are old and vulnerable, they will be the best children to ever have come into your life. Treat them right and be patient as they grow and learn by making mistakes here and there.
It takes few seconds of pleasure to become a father. But it takes a walk of life, it takes sacrifice, love and wisdom over time to becone a Dad.

'sande sana.

Happy Father’s day to all mofos raising watoto si wao. DNA sio expensive vile.

https://www.budgetsaresexy.com/images/dicaprio-salute-gif.gifsalute too to all baba mkate out there,Missing in action fathers,AWOL fathers,those that are raising other’s kids and to singo mothers as well,Ya’ll deserve acknowledgement