Having kids is the best decision I’ve ever made. It gave me a much-needed “jump-start” in life. My parents have been married for 50-something years and they worked to get all of us (more than 7 kids) through school. I learnt a lot from them. They were fairly strict, but not harsh (it felt harsh at that time, but looking back, I can’t thank them enough for the discipline they installed on us). I have a very strong bond with them and my mum always breaks down whenever she talks to her grand kids.
Now back to the topic.
I spend a lot of time with my kids. On weekdays my wife leaves for work very early (so that she can get home by 3 when school breaks). I get the kids ready for school, have breakfast with them and drop them off at school/daycare on my way to work. I spend quality time with them in the morning and cheer them on, and I can tell that they’re very excited and confident for the day ahead. This is one activity that I’ll definitely miss when they grow up and go to college!! In the evenings after work, my wife and I share to take them for after-school activities (I won’t go into boring details because there was another thread about this a few weeks ago). Friday nights are ‘family movie’ nights- I’ve probably watched Moana more than 100 times and I’ve watched all the Barbie episodes! On weekends I play with them outdoors: either soccer while I’m doing nyama choma, or take them to the park. We normally take turns hosting play dates with other families in the area- which give the parents a chance to have our own adult fun. Whenever possible, I also take them for weekend getaways- hiking, beach (summertime, etc). As I stated on a different thread, parenthood is a sacrifice and I get the occasional burnouts, but I can’t ask for a better life! I really don’t know where I’d be now were it not for my family.
I did a lot of wild stuff in my late teens and in my 20’s and it breaks my heart to see a lot of young people losing their lives for doing half the sh*t that I probably did. [[SIZE=3]Disclaimer: I’ve never done drugs and I don’t have other kids other than with my wife. I’m not judging, just stating the facts][/SIZE]

Very true! As I always tell new parents, kids don’t come with a ‘user manual’ or a guide. You just figure stuff out along the way! I’ve cooked, changed diapers and I’m happy to talk about it.


That is so true. Nitakuja kwa your inbox about some infor.

ni mimi and i still think so,rusheni mawe sasa,i am entitled to my opinion

And just like I deal with your other handles…down this one goes.

meffi,takataka ya municipal

Sometimes I like watching from the sidelines, but at times I don’t mind getting dirty.

Hii yako ni serious…Am involved in my kids lives but not this much…I wish I could also be this involved…you are definitely up for dad of the decade

but bathing girls? hio hapana,ndio huwa kuna taboos

I’m definitely not the only one. I know of many others who do the same and even more. They just don’t talk about it. I just don’t shy away from speaking the truth. Ask any dad living in the diaspora.

For now we take random matatu rides and since I noticed my nigglet has an affinity for light skin Mama’s we go to safisha mecho at malls.

Sometime last month tumerudi 10 usiku I had to apologise for a week!!

Once he’s of age we are going to build some very dangerous contraptions…tutaanza na steam powered drone…

Usihtuke akiwa K002… @Phylgee anamchunhulia…akinyemelea

Training day’s coming up

I was not talking about that; I was referring to you taking a comment personal. I don’t like getting involved with issues between two individuals, but sometimes I can’t help it.
Here’s the biggest issue I have with some people (and don’t take it personal). Some guys always talk about dfhkm to strangers, yet they can’t take care of their own blood??!! Think about it!