What do ktalk fathers do to bond with their sons/daughters? Its not all about drinking and stuff right?

I had this question after reading this thread. https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/on-fatherhood.22593/

@It’s Le Scumbag and son garage pale across the creek.
Scampaka, wewe ni shujaa

My sister and I would celebrate whenever my old man was away…luckily he was away for weeks every month. Yaani hungepumua kwa nyumba akiwa…we rarely watched favourite programmes and movies while he was around…wrestling etc were out! He would instead make us read novels and watch African movies 100times over! friends were not allowed in the house…he only allowed a few he had personally vetted…made me feel sad whenever I visited some friends and their parents would be so free and even join us in sports and games including board games, football, basketball and badminton.
Hata kuendesha bike and later driving nilifunzwa by a friends dad.
Another rule…no unnecessary conversations with him…worse was if you tried to joke…ungeulizwa am I your agemate to joke with…
Despite all that we rarely lacked anything…we were taken to good schools here and abroad…And we got almost anything as kids and teenagers including owning a laptop and phone in the early 2000s while still in high school. We also got good pocket money every month but had to write a budget
Am now an old man myself in my mid 30s but I have never figured out how to have a proper conversation with my old man…its always awkward…funny thing my cousins are very free with him and adore him…they always have.
I have borrowed some of his parenting methods like inculclating a reading culture…but like any other modern parent…am firm…not too strict…i allow a bit of democracy in the house.


Play Xbox with my son, take him out mostly on Saturdays which is a boys day out, Kinyozi, halafu kula nyama, nimpeleke for some Ice cream. My daughter sana sana nakuwanga model wake wa kupaka makeup, yes napakwa make-up na princess wangu, ku-blow dry nywele yake huwa kazi yangu pia.

How old is she? Don’t you think make up is too extreme?

I play computer games with my son

She’s 5 years anapenda mambo ya makeup kama mama yake.

Mine is still young but I can’t wait to do the same with him. The generation of our fathers did their best…we can’t really blame them since they didn’t know any better…but sisi on the other hand have been exposed and are having healthy and frequent interactions with our sons

My 10 year old son taught me with some measure of success how to play PS4 (thank you very much @Meria Mata)
I do take him to play foota… God knows I have bought enough ‘balls’ to start a sports shop.
Boys Day Out - raundi mwenda town,kuvuka ferry ndo tukakule all the fish we can pale Likoni :D:D:D

If the creators had seen it fit to give a daughter,she would have been a little spoilt bitch. Walai!

I have had a good relationship with my dad …played soccer basketball and tennis while we were young …have always been free with him zile story za ufala tumechapiana na yy c kidogo …hehehe taught me honesty makes life easier for you …i plan to have the same with my kids …bibi ndio amekosekana

Your child is never too old for you @mikel
Look at ya self,how old are you? Very old,but ya mama still fusses over you right? Na usikatae…we all go thru it

kids will make you eat their fake food ya kalongolongo

My father was a very hard man to satisfy.

When I was little my dad and I used to draw, do model crafts na later spelling cards . Other times he used to buy balloons and make those balloon toys you know… Other times were bicycle sessions.

When I grew older we played football… I remember the first ball he got me hehe. Then we did mountain climbing etc. I hang out with mom on very few occasions.

:D:D:D over de bar

I am no expert but Sigmund Freud inheritors might posit that your very loving father might have spoilt you for other men…it would be such a sad event.

Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I can’t get another daddy, not that I would ask for another… #daddy’s princess forever.

Create your own bond. Do not follow za wengine. My late dad could bath us when Mum was running late na hakuna mboch and he would cook for us. Ugali and omelette, also taught us how to read, write, even taught us complicated stuff like reading music. He had a big red box with books from kids’ authors such as Enid that he would pretend to loan us (librarian) but would follow it up with ‘write something about what you read’. I wrote some stuff about him here and a mad man decided he was a paedophile but he was not. Alikua ameona mbele sana.

I’'m really not sure about having kids.

Natumaini hiki kizazi kipya hakitaendeleza udikteta.