Fatherhood is purely a biological statement

Nature is so stubborn. I met up with my former classmate in Campo yesterday that I haven’t seen in a while, jamaa akanipea story hadi I began to understand many things, and many grey areas in my dealings with single mothers began to make sense.

So the last time I met him up alikuwa anafanya fanya vibarua vibarua na part time data collection assignments with some health firm (sijui engender something like that, working on some USAID projects). Jamaa kumbe later iliangukia job na World Vision akaenda huko Siaya, Karemo. Akiwa huko akapatana na Mwalimu Akinyi (not her real name of course) mwenye figure kali, jamaa loved her. You haven’t seen the comfort of teachers in those far flung areas especially kama ako na servant quarter. Jamaa akaanza kumwaga ndani. Only that there was a small matter; Akinyi had a 4 year boy. Guy loved the woman to a point now he began long term plans, meaning he also sired a girl with the woman.

So wakaanza kuishi na huyo madam as man and wife. Afte two years, shida ikaanza. He began feeling cheated, and while in the first days he embraced the boy as his own, he began getting triggered to anger everytime he saw the boy. To avoid that, he began to sit late at the bar and all that. Finally he faced the woman and told her to take the boy to her mother, he couldn’t stand his sight anymore. Hell broke loose. Mwanamke akaleta noma kabisa.

The guy decided to let go of all. He on one hands feels the sense of loss yet on the other he seems to have found relief.
I sympathised with him but then I remembered the story I once told you about how I felt insulted when a single mother I was eating had this daughter who looked at me in some way just because sikuleta yoghurt as I had always done before.

I began to see why lions kill the offspring of the female they are taking over. Is this thing instinctive? I had thought am cruel because of the feelings I harboured when that matter happened, and I would feel insulted when she tells me about her daughter.

I sincerely salute men who raise children they haven’t sired and love them unconditionally. Big up you guys, you have the heart of gold.

So many holes in your “buddies” hekaya, nways iwe funzo.