Fatherhood is a thankless job.... A solid advice I would give a youngman joining ktalk!!!


Hapana, having kids is a blessing, you can still have all those ambitions, travel and fun. You just have to incorporate family time, spouse time and your own time. Fridays unashughulikia 1st lady, Saturday uko raha zako and Sundays after church it is family time. Holidays wakienda upcountry for a few weeks then Nyumba ikaliki.


There are cheaper options… problem is blacks never invest in worth stuff plus they aren’t adventurous…mtu ako 59 na kitu ako nayo ni acres of idle land - a symbol of wealth to him so to speak.The problem is not how many can afford, the problem is how many people manage their finances well before they hit 50.

Do they have purpose or plans when they retire? Ama ni kuwa kwa dowry chamas and go fleecing young people. If lucky he will get an mp post and he will travel to dubai because that’s the only popular people in his circle frequent.

I did research few years back on those poor old guys around and i used to ask them, if at anytime in their life time did they hit a fortune.
All, agreed to have been in that stage of life when everything was fine, but they mismanaged their finances. So, it’s not a problem of how many can do it,it only about realising what or how you would like to live @50’s. But when they fail, they will definitely include “we”.

i would never trade the life i am living now with all its problems. all the things you go through define you.

  1. be smart and prepare for the best and worst of the future
  2. never look back or you’ll become a pillar of salt
  3. enjoy the love of your chidlren while it is there. if they fail to love you in old age, you did your part.
  4. cowards live longer and they’re always full of stories but never full of achievement.


Truer words have never been said.

Yours is 10 times worse juu unalea mbegu ya ndume ingine mblo. Huyo mtoto akifika teenage kunw siku utaenda kumdiscipline akwambia “you’re not even my real dad.” Then akigonga 18 babake mzazi atokee wareconnect:D:D:D:D:D

Ati children are blessings…:D:D:D:D:D… If blessings are as expensive as children then it’s better not be blessed…

Kuoa sioi lakini watoto ni lazima.

You are just broke my friend. Pole

So in your wisdom ohh wise one, something that you can’t maintain while broke is good???

Only broke people complain about having kids, especially men. If you didn’t have to work so hard to feed them, you wouldn’t be this unhappy. Me thinks you got the kids before you had set yourself up financially and now its hitting you that you are sacrificing your dreams for your family. Kama ni biashara iliharibika after kupata watoto don’t worry. You can bounce back and do better.

If I worked a boring routine job and lived in a one-bedroom with two kids and no househelp somewhere in Kasarani, I would be pissed off too because it would literally be costing me my dreams. In my opinion, you only regret fatherhood if you are broke because thats the only time you literally view yourself sacrificing your quality of life for their sake.

Watu hukasirika sana hii kijiji nikisema men have no business having kids if they are broke beyond a certain point juu at that point, they literally sacrificing their own living standards for family which is dumb. Take a young man for instance. He is better off in a one-bedroom somewhere in Kahawa and a cheap car than in a single room somewhere in Kiamaiko with 3 kids.

Just imagine of someone who is not a blogger of a ruling party and does not enjoy the proceeds of corruption. Hiyo pesa ya kuzurura na kulea watoi itatoka wapi

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I do an honest work it doesn’t pay much but it gets the bills done what am saying is that why would a young man sacrifice his all to be in a rat race???

Read my previous comment. He shouldn’t, unless he is rich.

Imei peleka totos swimming and buy them ice cream thereafter without complaining. The spirits you consume on weekends jo:D. You have to sacrifice. My career took on a hit when I started turning down posts with a lot of travelling? would I swop things…NO in caps. The KTALK MGTWO brigade will lose bigtime in the end because as long as there are broody women around and they not willing to use CDs then what do they expect?
As others have said you just have to budget wisely, save for a rainy day if you can, don’t procreate with an aim to filling the world, live within your means and above all get it right during courtship.

It is not just the men who can complain about loneliness in old age. Mothers do too, mine does. Truth of the matter is most of are not at home and none us looks likely to return home to stay. Not coming back if the kids are not coming and I would rather be where the state support systems and hospitals work. Besides this is where I pay my taxes.
Also many Kenyans here are opting to visit the nearby countries which is cheaper rather than come to Kenya as it is not a cheap destination either. To rent an apartment and buy food and travel around is v expensive. So we have v many lonely parents out there.

Omwami si kwa ubaya but if your father had this mentality ,your head ingekuwa baado inaswim in his scrotum and the rest of your other body ingekuwa kwa ovaries ya mum waiting for unification …just saying. .

Najua si kwa ubaya juzi somebody made a thread huko twirra link siwes Pata but the conclusion was that we didn’t apply to be born!!!

If it’s your desire to have kids better have them early Na umalizane, mambo ya kununua diapers in your 40s, Wacha tu.

I would rather by he time one is 50, it’s just travelling, and it does not have to be the exotic holiday destinations, just getting into a bus and going to Marsabit or Samburu to sample whatever is there, the small things in life.